| Introducing Myself a Second time|


Hey everyone !

My name is Lam, I'm from France-Strasbourg
As you can you see in the biography I'm from Tayline, it's a name that my sister, well my twin sister (haha) and I we've created together as a name account on steemit, so yes steemit it's not completely strange for me haha but steepshot it is the case that's I am introducing myself a second time but without my sister haha .

I like photos, photography so I like instagram šŸ˜‚ even if i don't post a lot, oftently on my instagram account, I like to see news from it but the most is that I like to look at influencers' pictures and that is the point šŸ¤”
If you want to be an influencer your pictures have to have a "high level" cause influencers' pictures are very stunning and very nice so I was like why not to try on steepshot with my view, with an ordinary person as me... so let's try with a new community, with a new world šŸ¤—šŸ˜„

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