Information and Technological Development

Article this discuss role technology information that is a fusion Amongtechnology computer with communication technology that is required in was information.False one form information Technology is with emergence the internet meru-feed network information that have range that big and large and ise-commerce business which is another alternative for businessman. Besides thattoo on-information technology development, obstacles and expectations.

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Technology Information change something with fast. Technology information that forget-may fusion Among computer technology and telecommunication, replace paradigm in-dustrial becomes a post-industrial paradigm which means it also changes environmental behaviorbusiness or businessman, who means that information technology obtains a closenessnoout businessman with its customers, because of this shorten jwine and time so thatwill reduce the gap in distance and time of consumer demand and fulfillment to-the need. With the existence of pethis in bus environmentthis nis, will causechange in bentuk decision making meaningful management that structureorganization with the techinformation nology it demands a structure that thispatformed and re-formed as a result of rapid change.The history of economic development is divided into three eras, namely the pe erartanian(agricultural era),era industrial (industrial era), and the information eraasi (information era) (Robert K. Elliot, 1992). Before 8000 beforem mashi, people live from hunting,gathering, fishing, so they eat of what that obtained and leadalready - moved(nomadic). Then 10,000 year afterwards to year 1650. start-was an era called the era of agriculture with the start of a sedentary life and planting land agriculture. Starting year1650 began the era industrial with atfound mesteam sinwhich helps human labor in factories that change materials msomehow become ja material-in, growth city Where factory are in, expand it market industry. On year 1955found transistor and installation computer comersial first (mthough computerisfirst use a vacuum tubes that to combine computer with spring could-doctor) started was information. On was information, onmove system not humanlike the era of agriculture or machinery in the industrial era, but information.The accounting system in the industrial era is only consider wealth orassets tangible, mfrom the moment weigh it on product, accounting note down on when it happensa,and hi-shaped organizationsrarchy. While the accounting system ethe third ra is drippingweigh it up on change source power and process. Because manager was information shouldchange org formanisasi which makes it easy source implementation power and process.Source power and obligation that be measured in andstem third era must too change,so that system accounting was tothree should make it possible form organization that ber-form network that is a form of organization the mpossible memberfor move fast, besar and finally lost. Source power that move for-effort was third is information which is an asset,as too asset that othernamely research and development, human, knowledge, data, and capacity for innovationvasi. This asset is not seen in the second era balance sheet.Accounting system was third must present information on time yesof in fact(real time) in business with no wait until occurrence new event kemu-Dian noted it. In practice, a lot the whole companya usecomputer factory intergrasian the mforget it process activities continuous. Scoretambahthe outside this ordinary, is can see goods in the process which exists in shoop fveil(the place production) for Sunday or for month stop is the calculation goods in a mannermanually and by stopping all activities.


Technology information needed in was third, so that system accounting can I knew-lankan. Information technology enables third era companies to collect,analyze, report, and disseminate new types of information: (Robert Elliott, 1992 )

  • Automated Data Capture :
    This is a benefit that is great that offered by the technology of information,opportunity to design interfaces customers, employees, suppliers by the wayAutomatically capture data interactions.

  • Instantaneous Access and Processing :
    This is an advantage dimension time technology information. Accounting system wasthird must be mallow it to analyze and react to data market ontime that really or real time. Data and analysis should can diacces beehuser or user immediately

  • Geographical Freedom :
    This is the dimension rmoney from the benefits of information technology. Accounting systemwas third should addressed to all aspect company without rule outremote area which means that information from anywhere in the companycan be accessed by the manager immediately.

  • Fully Versatile Analysis and Reporting :
    Information technology makes it possible sithird era accounting stem to implementanalysis new and report format new as that needed. Manager Perugia-The third era must have data reported in the manner requested, tooif the report has never been requested before.

  • Capacity For Additional Data Types :
    Information technology allows managers to add information new to sis-new information tem without redesigning the entire structure.

  • Acces To External Data Bases :
    Information technology could allow a third era accounting system to open updata base external. Banyif information yang needed on system anduntansi wasthird about competitors and other market descriptions.Also information can be used from the community database and must be set accordinglymanagement request.

Technology is indeed needed to form a systemthird era accounting, but noenough only that. Technology that used in system should indesaign inntuk couldserving needs company, must describe vision company and strategy ma-nagerial, and must be integral for structure, style and purpose of the company. Then the capabilitieshar technologyus dimanage effectively so that it can encourage behavior changesomeone who uses technology for competition that mgood luck.Technology information can cause shifting way practice and change waythink, for example if before in practice with acut uplead often time is consideredprinciple main, Thing this can showed with change principle optimal that is withpresence technology information telah make a principle this to be questioned again that is notoptimization that holds important role, but innovativeasilah who holdskey. So fast is innovation for the sake of innovation that optimization with an inovasieasily broken by optimization with following innovation, so thatnot with isinnovative new that evolve with the rapidly mmake the principle of optimization notbe a measure of the success of a business.Information Technology in the field computer develops with very fast, starting fromprogress in field cost/performance from computer, the architecture that known withclient / server, the appearance of making information technology easier to use storage capacity that is larger and more reliable, thenjuan in the field artificial intellegence until winnowinglan in its physicality semakinsmall and portable. Setechnical way progress on technology sector information already not in-doubt again, akan but mCan company memuse it in a way optimal, thisnot is a profession that easy and complex. In implementtechnology information need to be balance 5 element system information that is : hard-ware, software, human resources, data and facilities / procedures (including strategy).The internet is wrong one technological outcome information is the source powerinformation capable of reaching the entire world. So vast and large amount of resourcesthat information, so that there is not one personone, its organization, aknow even to-you any country yang able to handle it yourself. But soian internet isn't it onlyjust network and power To use internet not from kthe computer that alone but byerisource power information that was obtained from Internet. Computer is in hurelationship-his with the internet urgent because of a computer To do work mmove it datafrom one place to another, and to execute programs - programsprovide opportunities to access information.Internet can seen as a library global, so sall users couldparticipate in in everything time ( Internet no ever Lid ), besides that do not carewho is the wearer, internet always accept and internet no have seen Howsomeone look, the internet is not mwhat color someone's skin looks, whatreligion that henutnya, Where Live, What status social. Internet give chanceto eatersit is in cellwhole the world to communicate and raise source dayathat information. Someonecan communicate dengan users others throughout worldby sending dan accept electronic-mail (e-mail) or by formingrelationship with comanother girl and inserting message- message fromand to computerthe. Someone could to wear together - togethersource information with partitionPasi in discussion groups or by using a program and infor resource-still available for free. In the internet will aircommunication with people - orangfrom the country- countries that aredifferent, work equals and to wear together - togethersource gives-of information. Personto wear together time them, effortless they, and creation they.Internet is gamrain dynamic of that human able to communicate in a manner belowwill choose to be social and selfless. In-resourceformation there is because of some person and some group give time, effortand their work, they have ideas, compose them, create something that has-To use, and made it available for every pemakai in all over world. Thisis afirst kaat the on the insidehuman direction in total that no limited can communicate-cation quickly and easily, and does not distinguish anything about humans.Technology Information, Besides give Lots benefit in business, managementshould aware of risk and threat of loss from information Technology, by ka-rena that managers need to be - careful in formulating plans / strategies Peng use technology information and in a mopthe script. TechnologyInformation oftenused in peniincrease in productivity company, however so there some-pa things that can cause delay in the successful use of technology information that can be described as follows:

  • Costshigh : Compared with equipment prices old, as machine type, cupboardstorage, even salready got a picturengan price, kpersonal computer artificiallocal is still more expensive.

  • The process of mastery of technology is slow.

  • Very rapid technological development and incompatibility issues. Barriers fromwork, still often state of affairs occurred dimI'm a collection the workerrefuse to enter automatic equipment.

  • There are still many information technologies that are less reliable namely hardwaresuddenly damaged or software that is still a lot of errors.

  • Lack of organizationin change management, pemaking decisions,coordination and other - other.

  • Managementthat wrong : Use computer by management often stillless precise : underutilized, overuse or usage forthe wrong destination.

  • Not availableDuan between desaign device software with the use andits use.

Hope it is useful for readers and me.

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