Cleaning your Followings List

When I started on Steemit, I pretty much followed everybody who liked my posts or followed me. This is a problem, here is why.

After about a year I followed over 300 people posting actifit reports daily, photographs, art or stuff like that. This is fine in my opinion, but the problem was it destroyed my fun of spending time on Steemit.

What I wanted and believe this platform is ment to be is about blockchain, Steemit and crypto related content! Yes the coin features are great, but people use different social media sites for different reasons.

Now, I am turning my feed at least into what I believe Steemit is ment to be and honestly everyone has the right to do so - this is the freedom I love.

Also focusing on the Content Creators I care about enables me to reward people that deserve it and not just some heavy rebloggers and spammers.

How do you handle Steemit and what is the site for you about?c8qlnw.jpg

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