Steemit Old Scammers Creating Dictatorship on Weku


Hi, Dear Steemian Friends

Today is a special post that I wasn't about to talk about but the events happening in my discord for many months now and lead me to talk about it. Some of you may know that a little more than a year ago I have to step up as the Thai community guy to address a growing problem inside our community. Some users telling me that our discord channel at that time was the theater of a running scam that will lead to the explosion of the Thai community on Steemit. It was the facts of two scammers trying to scam other Thai users and using the personal message on our discord channel to get their plan in place. They have rigged our contests, always put blame on others, step on the people in the community and using an authoritarian scheme to get what they want as well as using dishonesty and false claim. They were two people at the head of the pyramid @impressable and his sister @siamcat and a few people who get manipulated or real scammers soldier, quickly their group started to fade out as the so-called Friends from the steemit account as many people feel they get scammed by @impressable and his sister @siamcat and also they don't want to get involved in an authoritarian system. As the part of the community team I banned @impressable but leave the sister because even I was well aware about both of them doing all kinds of bad things that as lead to many Thais to leave the platform at that time I have no hard evidence for banning her but as she was one of the two brains behind the scam she has followed her brother for the pleasure of the Thai users on steemit. About four month later when I was on holiday in Cambodia they start again to make trouble and misuse the Tasteem delegation with crazy vote like a 55 $ vote for @impressable to write one word and upvoting and making their account @friendsgroup to win many Tasteem contest when they were the so-called curators who only curated those who step down in front of them. After people complain about it I learned that @impressable was speaking about me in a post that was flagged by someone. These people never stop until they get burned so we have done our job and get the impressable guy out for the people regain some trust about Tasteem, @siamcat still a fake curator on Tasteem and upvote her gang and people, for some time she has been out of the Tasteem Thailand and Thais get back to Tasteem but nowaday they not really feel it is fair as she is a curator.

Since that time I never look at them I am not the kind of person that is here to fight, I even upvote their people as same as any other as the name of the poster isn't the post quality. So since last year I never get any news from them and was feeling good about it. But 4 or 5 months ago I started to get many people from different countries asking me for help as they have found out about the issues we having with this two people and some of their soldiers in the past and on steemit. I am always willing to help when it is for the truth and the well being of people, unfortunately, and because I have nothing to do with Weku, there's not much I can do except to show my solidarity and shed some light about passed situations created by the same brother and sister that happened in Steem. I really understand and also know in first hand what these people are about and it seems that they are doing the very same there. @siamcat is the so-called leader of the pack and @impressable is just in the shadow telling and arranging everything for the sister as she has no or little computer knowledge. I do understand when you try to do the right things to make a platform successful and invest time and money in it and to see scammers doing all the opposite. The more people contacted me and the more I can see how they have rigged the Weku platform around their only person even threatening communities to delete the message on communities discord channel it is likely what has started in the past with their scam. These people are quite new in the field of blockchain and they have forgotten that everything is kept on the blockchain. @siamcat and/or her brother who are always teaming up and also one using each other account have succeeded in building a fence so no one can reach the Weku management to tell them how there is some abuse from these two. Some people told me that already some of Weku users have pointed to some of the posts that show @impressable and @siamcat misconduct on Steem and the only reply they get from those two was "it was a personal problem between @impressable and me" the same lies again and again even all prove are printed on the blockchain. I was told that they are using the fake discrimination against them which surprised me because back in time they were the one using racism against me. There are so many things I can say and prove about what was done in Steem but I feel better to not be involved with this two. When Weku people told me that these two have slowly build a fence so no one can reach the Weku management it was exactly what they were doing in our community. People tell me that Weku is now a dictatorship and everyone have to kneel down in order to get an upvote. Also, the Weku users are really afraid at the moment, as I understand they told me that Weku is running as a close loop so the token is not yet convertible but when it will be they fear that the scammers may make an exit scam. I understand their concern because it is never nice especially in a so-called "DECENTRALIZED" social media that everything becomes CENTRALIZED around one person and her shady brother. I make this post because I want to make it clear "I have nothing to do with Weku" and also this is the way this group is scamming all around. When they have the voting button with some power they are using all kind of dictatorship means to get more for them and less for others, it is a closed group of scammer and if the direction of Weku keeps making a blind eye to all these issues it will slowly be the end of their platform.

There is two kinds of people on Steem and Weku blockchain those who follow them and say "yes" to them in order to get upvoted or any other thing and those who try to make things just, equal and "DECENTRALIZED" and because of that they have conflict with these two and some of their gang. Earning token on social media is one thing but having to make deals with scammers in order to get some is really hard if you are a true person with moral and principles. After people told me for months about all the issues I have to admit that Weku is right now looking like a shady platform where a group of scammers using sweet talk with the direction are slowly making things worse. Maybe the best way to get things changed is to get the people who want to clean the mess in a group and lobbying their cause because if the direction is honest they will see that they get been used as many other. It seems like there is a certain fear in Weku (the same kind of fear they have been building in the past) for users and people are afraid to say "no" because they may lose many things.

To end up this post I will give a bit of advice to the two people who are acting like dictators. "You cannot say to others what to do, what to think. When you asking them to clean their discord channel what are you thinking you are "GOD" also you cannot ask people to say yes to all your manipulation, to clean their negative messages because you are the one they talk about. You cannot delete servers because there is proof of your manipulation. And for the last and not the least "When you are doing shit on whatever platform make sure it does not affect people outside of your platform or you may end up with some more....

My goal here isn't to bring a war but for those who want to know more just make your own research in Steemit People are as they are, some are good, some are bad, other are greedy I understand that because of saying "yes" to these people you receive upvote but by doing this you slowly sink your entire platform, just think "DECENTRALISED" if you are real crypto people you must understand that only word and stand for it. I also understand that many people fall into the sweet talk because I have been abused by it. There is nothing against people just want to address this case because it's been months that many people reach me to get some help with this situation.

Love and Happiness


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