Life After Hardfork 20

After the hardfork 20, I was unable to comment or even to vote. Initially I thought there was a problem with the Partiko Apps but later found out the problems were caused by the hardfork.

I posted two articles after the hardfork. The articles did poorly and for the first time since I joined Steemit, my earnings for both posts earned only cents. I decided to take a break from Steemit for the past one week. Since I spent most of my free time at Steemit, I suddenly found myself with a lot more free time. And how was my new found free time spent?

I found out that I spent more time browsing Facebook and YouTube, which is generally quite unproductive. In fact, I actually found the time to watch 2 Korean movies online, something which I had not done for something.

I also managed to reorganize my wardrobe. I send my trousers to the tailor for alterations.

I do hope that Steemit will be back to normal soon. And I should be back to my normal routine, producing positive posts for Steemit.

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