Project Hope Reviews - 02/29/2020

Project Hope Hive Top 3 Posts Reviews
by "Happy"


As active member of core team, Happy is always attentive and reviews the publications that subscribers and members post in Project Hope Hive. In its daily review we can find the 3 most interesting articles about Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Technology and Philosophy, product of the effort and creativity of our friends.

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Introduction to Blockchain; What You Need To Understand about the Blockchain by @henry-9ja


This post explains the basic things we have to know about blockchain, the concept of blockchain is very large and cannot be fully described in just one post...

With a fresh and easily understood writing, the author brought up the definition of the terms that we should never forget who make life in the Blockchain universe.

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Steem Protection Soft Fork 0.22.2 - Right or Wrong? by @ocupation


Such actions ruined the reputation of steem as an investment (not in terms of blockchain properties) that lead majority to believe in its centralization and ponzie scheme tendencies.

Analysis and personal opinion about the acquisition of Steemit.Inc and the recent decision of the witnesses to freeze the government rights of all steemit accounts through a soft fork.

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Justin Sun, the New Sheriff in Town on the Steem Blockchain by @gandhibaba


About a week ago, the news broke that Justin Sun, the CEO of the TRON foundation, had bought Steemit from Ned Scott, taking over the reins of affairs of Steemit Inc...

After describing some positive aspects of Justin Sun's professional career, the author expresses his enthusiasm for the future of the Steemit - Tron fusion.

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