RE: Introducing #SharkSchool - How To Take Over The Trending Page By Being A Bloodthirsty Savage

No, dude.

You're doing it wrong.

This post is an infomercial. It's paid programming. It's the shit we'd see on late night television and it's sitting here in the primetime slot because you're exploiting a flaw in the design of this platform.

Regardless of the content, if there are twenty more people following your sales pitch here, this page will only get worse. Twenty more infomercials in the primetime slots only appeal to the people who do not understand the fact they are reading unmarked advertisements and being misled. Twenty more assholes bumping the actual regular content that typically drives these markets towards success down so they can replace it with misleading advertisements and low quality posts like this one of yours will be detrimental to the platform.

Many people who worked hard to gain traction here, who produce great stuff, are now being bumped down and replaced by assholes like you.

Do people share the advertisement that comes BEFORE the Youtube video or do they share the actual video? The answer to that is so goddamn obvious yet you're sitting here telling people that content consumers will start doing the opposite.

The moment this platform starts taking advertising like this seriously and starts doing it properly is the moment we will see a trending page that appeals to a much wider audience.

If you go look at Youtube, you will see a trending page. Now, just imagine what would happen to that platform if all of those content producers who worked hard to get where they're at got bumped down and replaced with paid programming and other forms of advertising like this post of yours. Those content producers would quit and not because they're weak failures who lack balls like you say. People quit so they can go find something better. That outcome is what you're encouraging here, yet you say you want the place to thrive. That doesn't make sense.

You do not know what you're talking about but because you paid for this primetime slot, people listen. False advertising like this post of yours is the devil, little waterboy, and you should know better.

This post should be thrown into the promotion pile and I will not be voting for this trash for the same reasons I do not pay Walmart for leaving a flyer in my mailbox.

Do you really think what you're doing will go viral simply because you "write this way?" This post and many more of yours only appeal to a select few on Steemit and the information you're presenting will be irrelevant within months if not weeks.

Let's look at the entertainment industry again. Do people collect Walmart flyers and advertisements or do they collect comic books?

Again, you have no idea what you're talking about. This post is junk and I burn flyers when I feel like starting a fire.

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