Help Me Name My Steem Store!

I wanted to raise money to go to Steemfest 3 and it got me thinking (which can be a dangerous thing).

Thinking led me to decide to create a store where you can buy Steem/steemit related things with fiat or your SBDs or Steem. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of how the accepting Steem part will work...

...but I'll figure it out eventually.

It might be awkward.

But I'll make it work!

Eventually, I may just branch beyond steemit things but for now, this is where I want to start.

I was thinking it could be really cool to get convos started about Steem and Steemit in everyday life. Plus I love love love steemit, so why not be surrounded by things I love?

I have so many designs in my head that I can't get them out fast enough.

Doing this has turned into something way bigger than Steemfest 3.

I've been pouring my heart and soul into creating unique things that I think people will love. I feel so alive working on all of these designs. I also feel very sleep deprived because I was so excited that I've stayed up too late.

Now, you could hate it, but that's okay. You don't have to look at it!

Anyway, I was thinking it would be cool if you guys helped me name it!!

I've always named any venture I've done in the past on my own. Or I've helped friends come up with business names because ideas are always floating around in my head just waiting to get out!

But I think it would be so much more meaningful if I could get YOUR ideas and then implement those into the store! I may even give some SBD to someone who comes up with a name that I end up using!

Annnnnd I told @karensuestudios that I was designing yoga pants/leggings and she wanted to see... here is a sneak peak of the first pair!

Lemme know what you guys think!!!

Do you like the pants? Hate the pants? Like the mug in the thumbnail? Want to throw the mug at my head? Honest opinions totally welcome!

Also, if you like it, put a name on it (the store)!

P.S. I posted this at 10:15 pm Bali time on August 9. I have to write this in case someone steals my design (yeah, my designs have been stolen before so now I have to act like a paranoid freak - how embarrassing).

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