I just bought some STEEM


Hello Fellow Steemians!

After beeing inactive for quite some time, I just decided to come back to Steemit again :)

I was inactive due to several reasons. First of all my private life was quite stressful and I didn't find enough time to participate here! I hope this is over now!

Second, the overall price drop in cryptos made me feel bad and I didn't wanted to be confronted with it every day. That just changed, since I loaded some bags of IOTA and ETH now again. Addiditonally i bough a small amount of Steem, for the first time (200 STEEM). I hope this will motivate me enough to continue and start posting again! :)
Moreover I think it's a good time investing in cryptos again now!

Since I do not know what kind of posts I should write in the future I'm asking you if you would be interested in (Daily/Weekly) chart analysis for major currency pairs? (EUR/USD, GBP/USD,...) Since i do not daytrade cryptos I'm not sure if this makes any sense here?
Hope to get some responses!


And have a nice day! :)