Facebook v/s Twitter v/s Steemit social media platform

Facebook v/s Twitter v/s Steemit

Hello Steemians. Am using Facebook from 2008, Twitter from 2010 and Steemit from 2016.

1. Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social networking website. Everything is best on this website but have some issues on this website like website response rate and hackable. Facebook website working very slow. Promotional activities for individuals and organizations is more powerful than Twitter.


2. Twitter: Twitter also most popular social networking service website. It's better then Facebook. Twitter works smoothly and more powerful than Facebook. Advertising system of Twitter is not good for individuals, because it's very costly they are started minimum advertising campaign from 99 dollars. This is not good for everyone.


3. Steemit : Steemit website is not more popular than other social networking websites, but it's more powerful platform for all of us. Advertisement started from very low budget. Its works smoothly and easily, everyone can earn here. Steemit worlds first blockchain based social media application. Everyone happy with steemit website. According to me steemit website rocking.




I hope we will make a successful steemit life together.

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