To the Moon

Here are a few Anecdotes to show you how this works, in case you have not been paying attention to Cryptocurrencies.

Doge is a JOKE, literally, it is meant to be the word "Dog" misspelled, and there are memes, go look up "Doge Memes" it is all "Much Money, So Wow, Very Currency, Much Trade, So Excite" and it goes along with the Doge Spelling of Dog, and the creator took a picture of his Dog's big Excited looking eyes, and then everyone said "TO THE MOON" because if you look at any Currency with a good Community around it, what happens is that the Market looks like a Ramp to the Moon.

Look at Doge's Charts

Then Check out STEEM, from Steemit.

STEEM started as a Currency that was being traded for like $0.0001 for about 6 months, maybe a year. And people were buying it at that price and Juicing up their Steemit account to have higher voting power, but even then if you had $5 worth on there, you had a lot of STEEM, but not a lot of voting power. Then one day, July 7th 2016, they turned on the Steemit website where it started paying you for posting, and once that happened, people bought like crazy so they could Juice up their accounts, or just because they realized that a Democratic Blockchhain based on Social Media Activity was a good investment and wanted to invest.

So the price of STEEM went up to about $6, and then has been steady between $1 and $6, and there are Many Many Many more Doge and STEEM in circulation than there are AURA. AURA is rare, and is about to have Apps behind it, and Tokens, and a Token Exchange, very likely that will come only a Week or so after the first Token Creation App.

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