Stat Comparison: Steemit vs Facebook — Suicide by Censorship!

[Текст на српском] As much as I was hoping that Steemit will kill Facebook & Twitter, it won't happen. Because the centralised monsters are going to make a censorship suicide!

Facebook is testing out a change to their network in six countries: Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Guatemala, Slovakia, Serbia and Cambodia. As a result, posts from some publishers and businesses will be removed from the site’s News Feed section. The change has caused a dramatic drop in referral traffic to alternative news outlets.

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Twitter even made a formal announcement it was a tool of a U.S. “intelligence community” (what an oxymoron!)

Lionel Nation — Duration: 6:18

Freedom of speech? Freedom of press? Who needs it when you have Fakebook and Twaddler!?

October brought many problems in functioning, a serious DDoS attack, and a slight improvement of the API. Improvement was taken from the Steemit clone named SteemStage, another access point to Steemit blockchain which will make it more resistant to all kinds of attacks. So far, besides SteemStage, we have Busy (“facebook” face of Steemit), SteepShot (“Instagram” face of Steemit), we have eSteem (iOS & Android app to interact with Steemit), we have Zappl (“Twitter” face of Steemit) in development, and we have D.Tube (“YouTube” face of Steemit). We also have BitChute and Viewly as a viable alternatives to YouTube if you get tired of “demon-etization”.

With SMT you can open your own Internet business with your own cryptocurrency, and you can even contribute to a development of a new distributed, paying social platforms through Utopian!

Everything is set for removal of centralized monsters!

Let's go back to our stats now

Despite irritating functioning problems in October, Steemit community is still rising. In October number of newly registered accounts jumped from 390,587 to 429,801!

For this stats we'll use an excellent daily reports by @penguinpablo.

Active monthly users (roughly)
• F: ≈2,010,000,000 (Company info)
• S: ≈250,000 (429,801 registered accounts)

Posts with comments in a minute (roughly)
• F: ≈292,980
• S: ≈60

Paid to users (exactly)
• F: $0
• S: $240,671,134

(Data updated on October 30, 2017, 23:59 CET, Source:

Compare that with May 2017.
Compare that with June 2017.
Compare that with July 2017
Compare that with August 2017
Compare that with September 2017.

And as a reference crypto value, let’s see how is Bitcoin stands against the closest safe asset in a material world – Gold.

October 30th, 2017. 11:53 CET BTC to Gold Ounce
1 BTC = 4.87936 oz

Feel free to comment and deliver, newer & more accurate data.

See you in November!


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