My complaint about the messy new-look steemit

Whose idea was this new attempt at improved front end on steemit or steempeak? What a mess. It’s a messy job guys, I don’t like what you’ve done to the place. Come on man, I want to see all my posts and resteems in one place at all times on my front page or profile page. You have ruined a perfectly good front end.

programmer on laptop pixa.jpg

I want to be able to send people to my profile page where they can see all that I have posted and resteemed. Now they have to go look at one page for some and one page for some others with little logic. Logical to you maybe my developer or whoever you are. And I hope someone resteems this to whoever you are dude, so you can get honest feedback. You messed it up, and that’s not a good look.

For some reason some of my posts come up on one page but not the other. Hey maybe I will adapt hey, I will learn. But no. I want a neat page please. I am a neat person. This is a mess dude. Steemit likes to complicate things. Started off complex and got only more so with every little improvement. And this one is lame.

Look, communities I will get used to. I mean now I have to take sides. Now I have to choose one over another. OK the tags did that already and that’s fine I could have 8 tags. Fair enough, the first five were priority, but now I must choose one and one only. I must commit to one community. That’s not me. I am the community I belong to. And I choose to share me with you. No I do not belong to your community. But no, now I have to commit a post to one community and it will not come up on my page and no it will not come up on any other community.

Unless I cross post. Now I have to breach etiquette and become shamelessly self-shilling and repost my post multiple times in many communities - because it fits in many communities. But that is considered bad manners. So now what? Box me in then. Anyway where do I post this post today then? Got any suggestions? What tag fits this post? And what if I want to post it on MY profile page, Not someone else’s community. Try to even define this post now by community.

How about #steemit, is there even such a community? Sounds rhetorical. And redundant, hyperbolic and absurd. A steemit community on steemit. So where does this post fit?
I know this is it ......... #innerblocks
what about #stemgeeks

But then how is the #Korea community or the #needlepoint community going to see my post? Oh no wait, it’s all this hive number labels now. Like I am going to remember all these 6 digit numbers as your new code for a community, and there are many communities. As if it wasn’t enough you had to make our keys and passwords impossible to remember, now you give us more number strings, like when I was a kid and there was only landline and we used to remember each others phone numbers. Well that was 40 years ago dude. How many cell phone numbers do you remember now? Two, maybe three. And you come with more number strings. Messy dude. There must have been a simpler way. I’m no coder or developer so maybe you know what you’re doing, but I’ve definitely seen better.

So this is a hive-181465 tribesteemup post.
It’s also a hive-123046 ecoTrain post

Wait, I found it. It’s #steemdevs community, how cute. No number string? Don’t call me I’ll call you type of thing. Well here you go devs. My review of your work, from a Joe Bloggs on the street, run of the mill steemit front end user. Hello!

But now I want to post this on MY profile page please, not in your community page. But I want you to see it, I don’t have your number, do you accept tags, as a certain delivery to you? Because I don’t know, I am going to have to shamefully cross post my own post in multiple places. To hell with the payouts or upvotes or down votes or faux pas or deja vu, This is what you’ve left me with – no option but to learn by experimentation, so get out of the way, clean up your mess, and work on your front end. Or did I not get the memo, or the manual?
Over and out.