New Social Networks

Here is a list of some new alternative social networks that is rising in the face of global chaos.


Steem is like Monetized Facebook 2.0: Steem is a decentralized, cryptocurrency blockchain social media network platform. And I'm posting this post, this article, on, which is an application of Steem. Another application of Steem is This post here will also be here on and here on and on other STEEM applications too by default. When you post on a Steem application, the post is uploaded to Steem and is then shared on Steem applications like Steemit, Busy, etc. Does Twitter have applications as well? Maybe.

If there is a problem with Steemit, your back door in would be to hop on Busy or other applications. In other words, applications, like Steemit, Busy, etc., are the doors into Steem. People may be paid some Steem money when their posts are upvoted (curated) and as you upvote others as well. Steem applications may be censored via copyright claims, patents, etc. Applications, like Steemit, Busy, and others, may take down copyrighted things, perhaps, sometimes as subject by the laws of the countries the applications are registered in. The applications may be centralized. I'm not a fan of copyrights. But we may want to try to follow laws when we can. Now, people might steal my stuff and copyright them. The good news is that your stuff will remain on Steem at least and you may be able to find out what was taken down off which applications.


Dtube, like Bitchute, PewTube, VidMe, is like a Monetized YouTube alternative just as Steem is Monetized Facebook. Sadly, VidMe ended in 2017. Video hosting may take so much bandwidth. That can be expensive. Dtube is an alternative to YouTube and Facebook videos and other video websites. Dtube is connected to Steem.


Gab is an alternative to Twitter. Gab may be monetized. I'm not sure if Gab is decentralized. Gab may not be a blockchain like Steem and Dtube. But Gab seeks to be more transparent in regards to the rules unlike Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


PewTube, like Dtube, Bitchute, VidMe, is monetized YouTube. At the moment, Dtube seems to have a better design, interface. Dtube seems to be faster and better than PewTube currently.


Bitchute, like Dtube, VidMe, PewTube, is decentralized YouTube. So far, my favorite YouTube alternative is Dtube. It is good that there are these three YouTube alternatives at least. That means competition. We can all compete to be the best. That challenges us all to try harder and to be the very best. That is capitalism. That is innovation. That is motivation. That is opportunity unlike anything we have seen before. There may be other alternatives to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Reddit, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. And the more, the merrier. The more the better.


VidMe, like Dtube, Bitchute, PewTube, was like a Monetized YouTube. But VidMe closed in 2017. I was on VidMe. I'm on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but am also moving to Dtube, PewTube, Bitchute, etc. The more the better. Don't keep all your videos or assets and money in one basket or application or website or place, online, offline.


InfoWars may be down right now since Soros, Bill Gates, the NWO, and deep state has been attacking and crashing websites like InfoWars, NewsWars, Drudge, and others. Soros spends billions of dollars to keep you from seeing Drudge and the others. Now, InfoWars may not be a social network like Steem, Gab, Dtube, etc., but InfoWars should become one. Tell Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux, the Mug Club, Veritas, WikiLeaks, WND, Cernovich, and others that they need to get involved more in blockchains like Steem, Dtube, Gab, etc. Share their stuff if you want, or not if you are too lazy like a couch potato. Soros said you cannot look at Alex or Cernovich or others. They are attacking the servers, the IP addresses, of these websites, these news networks, etc. Join this second global revolution. Together, we make the world better as we share the news on Facebook, other ghetto networks, and also on blockchain networks like Steem, etc. Together we rise, divided, we fall.


Minds is a bit like Facebook, like Steem, perhaps.

Other Social Networks?

Are there any social networks not mentioned here? Let me know.

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