Need More Mana Power?

Johnny Five is Alive?

Good question. Depends on how many mana Resource Credits (RC) and cat videos the Steemit gods require, haha, but seriously, "YOU NEED MORE POWER," said those Avril Lavigne punk rocker teens of the future in the future, back to the future.

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Wait, those kids said it in the past, in 2015, wow, three years ago, without time travel, to Michael J. Fox, uhmmmm, I mean, Marty McNuggets, I mean Is Anybody Home Short Bus Your Fly is Scared of Heights Like You McFly, from part II of the cult classic film trilogy of the late 1980's in America, Back To The Future (BTTF). (Hard Fork 20 Meme Contest) | (RSS Feed | Live Bookmark)

What, 2015 was 3 years ago?

I missed it? Did Marty McFly die already? Damn it, lol, where's my flying car? Why didn't anybody else tell me about this film theory? Well, we have Steemit, the next best thing to Power Puff Girls, with Sugar & Steem and all that rice from Korea & Vietnam. Yeah, I like rice. I was in Vietnam. Almost as good as oatmeal haha.

BTTF Doc & Marty Mcfly.png

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Need More Power

Yeah, Biff's grandkid, & his gang, was saying that to Marty, that he needs more juice, more power, and maybe more Steem Power, AKA Resource Credits (RC), AKA mana. The Israelites were wandering Egypt's desert, looking for dessert, milk, & honey. Out of nowhere appeared Steemit, I mean mana from the sky. It was like resources from Heaven, from the sky. Mana means "What Is It?"

Total Recall

Should Steemit, smart phones, smart cars, smart houses, smart computers, smart GOOGLE cities, and artificial intelligence (AI) have too much Total Recall? How much is too much? What kind of future do we want for our children? Do we want technology to serve us or do we want to become enslaved to the MATRIX machines?

Total-Recall Arnold.png

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Cost of Mana?

Now that the Steem blockchain, via Hard Fork (HF) 20, has mana, I'm like, "Hey what is that?" In this post, I'll show you how much money, I mean mana, it cost me to comment, upvote, upload, & edit a comment (post) today during a 30 minute window.

A Cat's Life

Also, enjoy some of my cat videos (A Cat's Life) and some pictures of our pets, cats, guinea pigs, mice, from the 1990's and 2000's, from Oregon, where we grew up, me & my family, my parents, my 3 siblings, Crystal, Katie, & Rick.

Muffin's Kittens: 1991-09

1991-09 Muffin's Kittens Picture Front & Back-1.png
1991-09 Muffin's Kittens Picture Front & Back-2.png

Archive My Biography

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Crystal, Bear, & Her Kittens: 1993

1993 Bear with Her Kittens Front & Back-1.png
1993 Bear with Her Kittens Front & Back-2.png

My First Comment Post-HF20

@Buttcoins - Haha, awesome, and that is the beauty of life, as it is random, and can be fun, and this will be my first comment, or first anything else as well for that matter, after the Hard Fork (HF) 20 upgrade in the Steem blockchain beta system. This comment will hit you in the face, assuming that I have enough Back To The Future (BTTF) flying skateboard, I mean, Hover board, or power board power, AKA Resource Credits (RC) as they say it in the future, AKA in the past haha, in 2015, wow, the future, I mean 3 years ago, damn it, where is my flying car?

MTV Pop-Up Videos

Whenever you need more RC, you should get a pop-up box that says, "You need more power," but in the voice of those kids from part II of BTTF. Classic. I'll upvote you too right now, assuming I have enough power, haha, thanks again.

My 2nd Comment

I gave you an apx $3,000,000,000 (three billion) Resource Credits (RC) upvote. Big number. Wow. But then again, maybe that included my comment cost as well. I had 286 billion (B) RC at 9:51 AM PST. After posting my comment to you, then said I had about 299 B at 10:01 AM. After upvoting at 48.35% voting strength via 208 SP at 10:04 AM, then I had 296 B. At 10:33 AM, I had 208 B.

Timeline - Mana Experiment 00001:

06:16 AM - negative 82 quadrillion RC - 2018-09-26 Wednesday
09:51 AM - 286 B - before commenting
10:01 AM - 299 B - after commenting
10:04 AM - 296 B - after upvoting
10:18 AM - 296 B - before commenting again
10:20 AM - 274 B - after commenting
10:21 AM - 274 B - before uploading a 720p screenshot picture
10:23 AM - 250 B - after uploading that 307 KB photo file.
10:25 AM - 228 B - after updating this post here, this comment.
10:33 AM - 208 B - after that
01:04 PM - 202 B - before posting this article


RC might be going up and down as it drains and regenerates due to my activities, which drains RC, and due to time & the activities of the blockchain by other people and everything, which replenishes the RC, the mana. I was going to upload more screenshots. Maybe they cost too much to upload. Maybe I'll upload another one to show a contrast between one and the other.


06:16 AM - negative 82 quadrillion RC - 2018-09-26 Wednesday
STEEMD Screenshot at 2018-09-26 06:16:47.png

09:51 AM - 286 B - before commenting, upvoting
steemd 1

10:20 AM - 274 B - before uploading a picture
steemd 2

Puffer Cat, AKA Loxxcatt, 1996

1996 Puffer AKA Loxxcatt Front & Back-1.png
1996 Puffer AKA Loxxcatt Front & Back-2.png

Ra Ra Guinea Pig Video

Alphabetize My Family

Atkins | Crystal | Donald | Dwana | Joey | Katie | Marilyn | Ricky | Tiffany Cumbo

Honey Cat & Her Kittens

Born around 1997, Honey Cat was found in our neighbor's shed, space 162. Mike Vanderzanden didn't let his son, Kyle, keep Honey, I think. Don't know specifically, but we ended up raising Honey at our house at space 163, where we grew up at. Honey lived until 2011 maybe. Not sure exactly when Honey died as I was out of the house most of the time after 2004 with college, work, Vietnam, camps, and everything as I was born in 1985. Honey's first kid was Dumb Dumb. Another cat was named Road Kill. The grey (gray) cat was named Puffer Jr.

1997-2004 apx Honey & Her Kittens-1.png
1997-2004 apx Honey & Her Kittens-2.png

Honey Cat on the New Porch

Our church built us a new porch with a roof around 2001 or so. That was one of the last things they did before that Cornelius Community Baptist Church split again for like a third time like they did in the late 80's and again in the early 90's, or something like that. The church began as a plant in 1983 or so. Between 1983 and 2003, since I grew up going to that church, they've had around a dozen different pastors.

1997-2004 apx Honey Laying on New Porch Around Boxes & Stuff.png
1997-2004 apx Honey on Bush Stump.png
1999-10 Joey Dumb Dumb & Other Kittens in a paper bag.png
1999-2003 apx Scared Kitten Picked Up.png
1999 apx Joey & Cow Mouse & 5 other Mice at dad's white Toyota truck in Blue shirt.png
2000's apx Cheesy Puff White Kyle Vanderzanden Cat.png
2000's apx Dumb Dumb & Baby Cat in Car near a Book on a Couch Sleeping.png
2000's apx Dumb Dumb & Baby Sleeping on Bear Sheet Couch.png
2000's apx Dumb DUmb Bucket Drink in the Kitchen.png
2000's apx Dumb Dumb & maybe Baby on Old Porch.png
2000's apx Dumb Dumb & Other Kittens Sleeping on the Couch.png
2000's apx maybe Baby Solo-1.png
2000's apx maybe Baby Solo-2.png

Ra Ra Guinea Pig Video

Need More Mana Power?

Published in September of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn
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Baby Cat

2000's apx maybe Baby Solo-3.png
2000's apx maybe Baby Solo-4.png
2000's apx maybe black blond white striped cat-1.png
2000's apx maybe black blond white striped cat-2.png
2000's apx Ra Ra & Cheesy Puff & Dumb Dumb & 2 more cats-1.png

Cat's Life Video

Timeline: Need More Mana Power?

1990's | 2000's | Cats | Mice | Guinea Pigs | Pets | Oregon
2018-09-26 Wednesday 10:36 AM LMS | Need More Mana Power?
Published at 01:03 PM Wednesday

Full House

2000 apx: starring Ra Ra Hercules Roberto, the male guinea pig, not to be confused with Oreo, the female one I accidentally murdered in my sleep. See Dumb Dumb, Cheesy Puff, Timid, & Baby, the cats, the kids, of Honey Cat, together in Ra Ra's mansion, I mean cage.

2000's apx Ra Ra & Cheesy Puff & Dumb Dumb & 2 more cats-2.png
2000's apx Ra Ra & Cheesy Puff in Cage-1.png

Ra Ra & Cheesy Puff

2000's apx Ra Ra & Cheesy Puff in Cage-2.png

Red Hair Crystal with 2 Kittens

2000's Crystal Red Hair with 2 kittens.png

Dumb Dumb Cat

2001-10: Honey's 1st kid was Dumb Dumb or Dum Dum, named after one of the three Ninja Kids, maybe. Funny white and orange furred cat.

2001-10 Dumb Dumb - Honey's First Kid on Water Bucket FRONT & BACK-2.png
2001-10 Dumb Dumb - Honey's First Kid on Water Bucket FRONT & BACK-1.png

Cat's Life Video

2015-11-30 JA N Girl Hood 23Park CROPPED ABOUT ME FOR STEEMIT 2.pngBANNED MEME HITLER DOG 2018-07-10 TUE.pngFREE TOMMY 01 2018-07-10 TUE.png

Honey Cat Before Toxic Cat Food

2004-03-24: sometimes, our pets can eat junk food, maybe even poisoned food. Actually, junk food is poison. That is why animals are dying. That is why I wrote and sang that song, in that music video, Animals Are Dying.

2004-03-24 Honey Before Toxic Cat Food Front & Back-1.png
2004-03-24 Honey Before Toxic Cat Food Front & Back-2.png

Roosters Gone Wild

2006-08: our Mexican neighbor, the family of high school crush Karla Villa, space 161, had a rooster at least for a few years, in the early 2000's. I remember seeing at least this one chicken. As seen here, the rooster was running around loose like they do in Vietnam. That rooster woke us up in the morning at times. Oh, thanks Rooster. Hey Jimmy Fallon, please write Rooster a thank you letter and a Mean Tweet. Thanks. What it takes to be a Mark?

2006-08 Rooster by Tree & then Kyle's yard-1.png
2006-08 Rooster by Tree & then Kyle's yard-2.png
2006-08 Rooster by Tree & then Kyle's yard-3.png

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