Can't Upload Photos?

Soros Slime?

Jimmy Kimmel lies to Kanye West about President Donald Trump some days ago on television. Jimmy said that Trump was doing what Obama was doing. Jimmy used to be funny, especially during the Man Show back in the 1990's in America.

Jimmy said that families are divided at the border.

So, are families divided at the border?

Yes, but families are divided even more not at the border. Believe it or not, children go missing each day due to trafficking, even in America. Borders help countries.

When your walls fall, your Rome falls.

Cannot Upload?

Currently, cannot upload photos. I had this Steemit problem on Saturday, the 14th of July, 2018 or before that a few times. But I don't really know why I couldn't upload pictures, images, GIFs, pics, and after a few days, I was able to upload again.

Why and how?

Don't know. I've written articles, posts, about it, as seen here. You can click here and my previous posts about this unresolved question, issue.

Voting Power?

My voting and bandwidth is at about 97% according to My Steem Power (SP) is currently at 201 SP.

Can't Upload Photos?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @JoeyArnoldVN | Published in August of 2018
2018-08-15 Wednesday 08:55 AM LMS | Can't Upload Photos?
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Only Four Tags? or or something says, or seems to maybe say, I can only have five (5) hashtags and I only have 4 before posting, publishing, this post, and do not know what is happening.

Random Cooperation?

Update: I was able to add a 5th tag now, after publishing. Don't know why or how. My ability to upload may return as well in a few days like it did in July, last month. I just want to know how and why.

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