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The Steem.io blockchain was down Monday, the 17th of September, 2018, but is back up now. Likewise, the Steem apps, like Steemit.com, Busy.org, and other applications, dapps, phone apps, programs, etc, were down as well, or were not working, as they are built on top of the Steem blockchain. @SmartSteem wrote about today's Buggy Bug which was patched up, now, apparently, but revenue was halted as the blockchain was frozen, offline.

@chekohler | Favorite meme here is the rent is too high, the down time, is way too long, from SNL, that guy is pretty funny, and my 2nd favorite is the witnesses in the flood as people walk by in the background.
@donekim | [스팀잇 이야기] 하드포크20 업데이트로 인한 스팀네트워크 일시 다운 현상
@gduran | We Miss It More When It Is Gone
@zekepickleman | Don't rush it.
@empress-eremmy | The Steem Addiction
@mysearchisover | Resurrection: I'll be back
@intelliguy | What Happened?

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@xtetrahedron | We went down due to HF20 bugs?

Bugs Bug Bugs

@MediaHouseNT talked about how much the bug bugged so many of us, especially if Steem is part of our daily routine, if it is deeply rooted, integrated, into what we may or may not do all day, or most of the day, each day, every day, like an interactive, immersive television or live 2 hour Lionel Nation Media YouTube video.

I was concerned about Steem being down.

I wonder if Witnesses could be more like the way Bitcoin works, but maybe not so much. I think Witnesses should adopt Bitcoin and Bit Torrent ways of doing things in allowing more people, more witnesses, more servers, to upload, download, save, archive, share, distribute, delegate, the Steem blockchain, either completely or in bits and pieces where you are paid money, or paid in Steem, or whatever, for how much of the Steem blockchain you share, like Bit Torrent in some ways, where you get rewarded for helping in the role of being a witness, a server, either completely or as much as you want. I think that we should have unlimited amounts of decentralized, international, servers, witnesses, nodes, etc.

Don't Worry

@Yaanivapeji said Steem was down over 10 hours, how people were panicking, but in how he was not worried, and that is good, but people can go crazy because you never know and stuff.

a mess jungle
@PaganDance | Yeah, Steem, Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, alternative news, media, technology, is, are, becoming, a jungle, the wild west, is Steemit, for better and for worse, like a marriage. Would we rather just give up and go back to anti-social network, Chinese-run tech giant monopolies, tyrannies of thought control, of the EU, of Islam, of the NWO, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Instagram, Amazon, Walmart, YouTube, Alphabet, Linkedin, etc, and submit?

steem steemit general purpose blockchain application platform

@kenobryan | Steem Basics: Why Steem is an Application-Specific Blockchain:
Would it be more efficient, effective, more decentralized, more stable, and better, if Steem servers, witnesses, nods, were rewarded to host, share, distribute, archive, the Steem blockchain in full or in bits and pieces like Bit Torrent where you are rewarded, paid money, or paid in cryptocurrencies, for how much you mine, you serve as a witness, a server, whether that means means the whole entire blockchain, all of it, or in bits and pieces like you may see in Bit Torrent? I think we should have as many witnesses as possible, like Bitcoin in some ways.

@sn0n | Did the Hard Fork 20 fail?
@intelliwitness | we don't run docker binary images
@eisenbart | Was lohnt die beste blockchaintechnologie, wenn sie stundenlang nicht erreichbar ist?

Someguy123 said there was a bug last week, the chain split, witness participation dropped too low, so low that it halted the Steem blockchain; Abit, Smooth, and others, patched Hard Fork 19 (HP19); the top 20 witnesses downgraded down from HF20 back down to HF19; other witnesses should do the same. Hopefully, we will have better luck next week when HF20 is scheduled to go live.

@melissaofficial | How did you feel, a day without Steem?


@dynamicrypto | Are you talking about getting paid for posting of or from Steem to or on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and/or a dapp, a new app called Steemigram that can rival and can compete with Zappl.com and Instagram and others?

Couldn't Upload Photos

Wasn't able to upload photos through or by or from or with Steemit since last Wednesday, the 12th of November, 2018, until today, Tuesday, the 18th, a week later, but was able to upload pictures Sunday to Busy.org and like I said, I can upload to Steemit.com now after a week of waiting and there may have been a few reasons for that and I've posted about this kind of problem before which I've encountered a few times in 2018, this year, and maybe I uploaded too many photos and many it has something to do with the HF20 bug and everything which took down Steem today as it is 02:46 AM PST as I write this. In conclusion, my image uploading limit or problem may have been a bug and not a bandwidth issue or something like that.

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He Will Show You The Right Way

Found 52 of my mother's songs on some CDs I found. Copied them onto my laptop. Started labeling, naming, the songs, the files, organizing it all. Also found pictures from 2008. I've been doing things like this for most of 2018, this year. Been doing a lot of organizing as the family historian. I really like the song on Proverbs 3:4-7. That inspires me and moves me.

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I'm watching Diamond & Silk.

They're interviewing Dr. Alveda King. On the War Room, a caller called with a great idea. Download dating apps onto your phone. Create profiles, name them Alex Jones, talk about him in your bio, and people will read about them, and that red pills people. We are all different. That may be your thing. Maybe it is not your thing. Your thing may be a combination of things. You can do that if you want. There are so many different things we do and can do as we have different skills and talents and abilities and things and ideas that we do and can do to help the world and local families and farms and communities and stores and so on. We can be very direct in telling people what we believe in or we can try to be more subtle, like a smooth Michael Jackson criminal in how we live, write, talk, film, draw, create, design, work, learn, teach, share, and everything. We can slip in our beliefs, our passion, history, things about Info Wars if we want, or about Soros, or about this thing or that thing, into our daily lives in creative ways.

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Once Upon A Time

Started watching that television series, Once Upon A Time (OUT), on and for my mother's birthday, the night of the third, July, 2018, and just finished episode 22 of season 7, this morning, the 17th of September: also watched the single season Once Upon A Time in Wonderland spin-off series from the 30th of August to the 13th of September, as well. Very interesting. I should do some more reviews on these shows.

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cats in the computer

Bugging Bugs

Published in September of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn

@ura-soul | HF20 Reversed

witness update

Yeah, what a long day, as a web designer, I sympathize, and hope for the best for HF20 next week, take 2.

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2018-07-03 Tuesday 10:00 PM PST LMS: Once Upon a Time (OUT): Season 01: Episode 01 (101) - start
2018-08-30 Thursday 01:07 AM PST LMS: OUT in Wonderland 101 - start
2018-09-13 Thursday 04:03 AM PST LMS: OUT in Wonderland 113 - end
2018-09-17 Monday 04:25 AM PST LMS: OUT 722 - end
2018-09-17 Monday 10:49 PM LMS | Bugging Bugs
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