What ALL Newbies Must Know about Upvotes, Resteeming, Commenting, and "dust votes"

As I am getting off the "Newbie Train", I have the following to share, not as advice, but, they are my "lessons learned" for your consideration IF you are a newbie by your own definition.

"Newbie" defined as:

  • reputation of 45 or less
  • age is 90 days or less

My reputation and my age:

Voting WeightReputationAge
813 SP46.689 days

1. Introduce yourself - Do It Once and Do It Right!

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression!"?

Who said: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression!"?
Stuart Davis
It has been attributed to Oscar Wilde and to Will Rogers, but nobody has been evidence of them saying it.
The earliest use that has been shown is in a 1966 advertising slogan in an ad for Botany Suits.

1980s Head & Shoulders Commercial
"Head and Shoulders, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression."

If you know why this advertisement for Botany suits is relevant, then you have too much time on your hands. I know I do, that’s how I found out they used the slogan “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” in a 1966 ad campaign. I couldn’t find that one, but this ad’s “Come on strong!” message works, too.

Source: https://nerdarchy.com/start-off-with-a-bang/

Do It right, and you are well on your way - Example:
Hey there, I'm new here...Allow me to introduce myself - @honeysim

last month by @honeysim (42) $14.42 56 votes

2. Upvoting is Like (no pun intended) Shooting a Loaded Gun! Know How It works BEFORE You "Pull the Trigger!"

Upvoting is definitely NOT like the same as the "Like" button elsewhere. And, that is probably what attracted most to come here.

Every new account starts with a reputation score of (25) and 15 SP, most of which is delegated for a period of time and will be gone. But, even with the 15 SP, an upvote is not worth much and are "dust votes", as some calls them (more to follow and see below).

Remember the simple points:

  • each upvote that you cast as a newbie with the 15 SP costs you 2% of your total SP
  • each 24 hour period, your SP is regenerated 20 % (rate is at 20 / 24 = 0.833 % per hour)
So, IF you think of your SP as a loaded revolver, it has 50 bullets or "upvotes" in it and can only be reload automatically at 10 "bullets" / "upvotes" per 24 hours.

Sure, some have found ways to upvote at a percentage less than 100%, but WHY??? Even at 100% of the starter SP, 15 SP, your upvotes will most likely be dust or worthless and all but the newbies know it!

Do you know ... resteeming cost 2% of your SP Just as an Upvote?
More on "dust votes" below ...

Self-voting and bot-voting - As you will find out in time, there are those who do not like them or frown upon those who use them excessively. I do not support those who do.

Do NOT upvote an old post, a blog or a comment that is more than 6 1/2 days old. Although the system might prevent you from doing that, it is still good to know and remember.

The following are keepers of my activities:

I am here to have a voice and help people see and understand the freedom shift that is on its way and I invested and Powered Up so that my upvotes gets attention, and make a difference in some people's lives.

If You Want to Change the World - Join me at: "World Changer" Contest and Reward

I'll continue to post about this important issue and all questions are welcome - please comment on one of my posts.

3. Your Reputation Matters!

Does your reputation matter?

Does your reputation matter?
Here are posts on this topic:
Reputation Matters, Even for Children
krnel (76)

Once you have made a few "newbie mistakes", some of you will look for advice and answers, BUT, they are all there in the FAQ and on many posts. Read the FAQ about abusive or bad behavior here on steemit.

Many start with blogging excessively with copy-and-paste materials. And, that's theft and plagiarism.
Many also comment excessively with "Great post", "I like it", "Thank you for posting ..." or "I'll follow / upvote / resteem if you will follow / upvote / resteem ..." That is SPAM and you will be flagged!

Some posts have graphics to ask for the same: upvote, follow, and resteem and that is SPAM as well but many post have them. I'll not support those posts.

Resteeming can also affect your reputation: 1. If who you resteemed is far better than you, why don't your viewers just go there? And, 2. If the author acquired a bad image or reputation, you can not shake it - once resteemed, it stays on your profile.

4. Comment more (in a meaningful and with substance), Blog less - as a Post is a Post, Blog or Comment.

Please see my old post:

The Importance of Commenting - a Blog is a Post and So is a Comment - and, a Post is a Post for Author Rewards!

5. Beware of Security Issues - the Safe Use of Your Keys and Look Out for Scams.

Please see my old post:

SteemIt Security Keys and Scam Alert - How to be Safe from Scammers - Condensed / Summary Version.

As I am only "Just Starting" to "Shed" my "Baby Teeth" or "Baby Skin", I am posting this as My Lessons Learned". And, I welcome comments and suggestions. But, please, no unsubstantiated opinions. Please reference and provide details especially in matters that must be based on facts, numbers, and mathematics.

As I have said in various places - I am here to:

  • encourage
  • inspire
  • help
  • collaborate

and my areas of interests are:

  • health
  • wealth
  • technology
  • leadership

And, upvote is not required nor encouraged

Note to those with low SP (less than 50 SP) - Please Do NOT upvote. I would rather see meaningful comments than any upvotes.

Regarding upvoting with low SP, see: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes - @thedarkhorse

For most newbies with low SP, 120 SP or less, your upvote does not pay IF it is the only upvote.

And upvoting

  • depletes your SP by 2% for each vote (same as resteeming a post)
  • regeneration of SP is at 20% per day

So, you get to vote 20% or 10 upvotes for low SP votes each day.

But, No Worries - Help is On The Way ...

Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit. - @dustsweeper

All the best! 🌀 🌊 🌋 🌄 🌈

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