My 2 ¢ (two cents) - $0.02 is not Gonna Pay OR Will It? - Example of a Minimum Payout Post

I do realize that the actual formula or math is a whole lot more complicated, but for the benefit of all - this is a simplified "analysis".

On a slow and lazy Saturday, I noticed a curation reward:

freedomshift curation reward: 0.012 SP for @cuppcake/re-freedomshift-my-entry-to-new-…

Simple math, at current prices, 10% (SP/$) comes back to me as curation reward for my $0.12 upvote (100% upvote value of 818 SP).

On the receiving end:

I upvoted a post, a comment which just paid out:

cuppcake (39) · 7 days ago
Helllooo @freedomshift, i just upvoted your featured bloggers.
$0.12 1 vote

cuppcake author reward: 0.040 SBD, 0.002 STEEM and 0.020 SP for @cuppcake/re-freedomshift-my-entry-to-new-…

The numbers are evenly divisible by 4 except STEEM is only divisible by 2.

So, this shows the minimum payout scenario, when divided by 4:

$0.03 upvote will give (by my estimation) of this minimum payout:

Curation reward of 0.003 SP
Author reward of: 0.010 SBD, 0.000 STEEM and 0.005 SP

But I will be wrong.

Tracking down for a minimum, I found this:
A post with a 2 ¢ (two cents) - $0.02 and it paid:

rafiulislam author reward: 0.007 SBD, 0 STEEM and 0.003 SP for @rafiulislam/re-rafiulislam-re-thethreehug…

Ah, the beauty of a blockchain based platform.

So, it seems that a 2 ¢ (two cents) - $0.02 is the minimum for a payout (although the dustsweerer service is still worthy of consideration).

I hope this helps.

All the best!

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