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Dear Steemians,

I am sorry for the delay in providing you with an explanation regarding what has happened to the blog recently.

As you should have seen there are several of my posts that were downvoted last month. I went on vacation for 3 weeks in September and during this time I allowed another blogger to write posts for my followers while I was away. This partnership started for what I felt was a good-hearted gesture from me. By hiring a blogger from Venezuela, I was providing him with work and was a win-win scenario. Unfortunately, I was not fully monitoring all of the articles that he wrote and he started to simply copy and paste old articles that have already been posted on my blog. Due to this, my blog has been downvoted and years of hard work have been wiped away, all from a simple misjudgment made by myself.

This person is @arrozymangophoto. As stated above, I gave him my posting key a few months ago so he could publish articles during my absence. Unfortunately, I've learned on my birthday that all the articles published were articles that had already been posted before. I was upset and very disappointed when I first found out. Not only did I lose my rewards but above all, I lost the confidence of my readers and the reputation that I have built up over the past 2 years!

I tried to explain the situation to @steemcleaners who unfortunately won't consider removing their systematic downvote on all my posts. It appears that they don't believe my story. However, after all of my hard work during the past two years, I would still like to take this opportunity to publish the truth. I have no interest in lying. Since September 2017 I have been active on Steemit. I have always published original content, organized tens of competitions to reward the steemians, I donated for various projects. I carried out promotional activities for the platform and organized 8 meetings in Paris and Barcelona because I believed in this project. I even kept blogging while the steem price was super low. I stayed and left my money in the platform during good and hard times because I was a true beleiver. But today I can't post any more articles because I trusted the wrong person and I have to take responsibility for this mistake. I think it is not fair but I'm not the judge here.

In any case, I wanted to apologize to you and take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your support during the past two years. It has been a great experience for me and I will continue to blog about my interests but not here as I'm systematically downvoted and my posts appear in grey.

I think this situation could have been managed better by @steemcleaners. Deciding my explanation is not true, and not considering to stop downvoting new fresh and original content is a little extreme based on my previous history in this community. It makes me think this platform has still a lot to improve before we reach mass adoption. I'll look into another place to keep spreading my words.

I wish you all the best and I hope our interests will cross paths again one day.


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