Ruler of the Seas in the House


It is no secret that I own a second account for my extra Splinterlands Gaming which also means I require two sets of cards every time I play which means double the Investment as well. So when I got a really cheap Ruler of the Seas on the Renting market I just rented it quick even though it was too good to be true. So I transferred my Ruler of the Seas to my second account and kept the rented Ruler of the Seas on the Main account. But as expected the user broke the contract and now I am left with no Ruler of the Seas on my Main account.


So yeah getting this Ruler of the Seas definitely helps me a little. Now all I need is 8 more of these so that I can get up to Level 3 at least and then we can see where it goes. I could just transfer my Original card from my secondary account but it will take 7 days of Cooldown which I feel is just a waste of resources. So I will keep that card in my Secondary account for now untill the situation changes.