I Urgently need some DEC !


If you guys have been following my Steemmonster/Splinterlands Journey then you know that I regularly buy Gold Foil and Legendary Potions to better my chances of getting a nicer reward and almost all the time I make a Profit even though I keep a lot of the Cards. But this time it is slightly different. This time I got two Gold Foil Legendary Cards which I sold to get two of my Summoners to Max Level and get some Untamed Packs as well. So yeah I am kinda short on DEC, approximately 10000 DEC.


Now here is the kicker, I do have some Rare Gold Foils that I am not sure what to do. I am keeping them just for Future but in today's draw if I don't get at least a Gold Foil Epic Card I might just have to sell some of my Rare Gold Foil Cards. So I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for some awesome card o appear.