Cooling and Heating Bagpack - A Bagpack that Everyone Needs

Cooling and Heating Bagpack

A Bagpack that Everyone Needs









Hunter's comment

I need this IMMEDIATELY, Lol. I am those type of guys carry a backpack and also those kind that SWEAT a lot. I meant really a lot, especially in our country 365 tropical weather.

This backpack serves to cool your back when carrying your laptop, notebook, and document. As for those cool climate country, there built in a heater to heat your back in those cold winter days. This is one of a kind backpack. I have changed a lot of backpack over the years, and I think this suits me well.

The compartment too quite spacious where you can see the picture, quite handy. This backpack also serves to charge your dying hp battery when you on the move.

This backpack is cost USD 152.00. Now I know what to tell @gelfire for my Xmas Present (hehe)

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