And they break even more STEEM...


Dear @justinsunsteemit, @clayop, @jaydih and @jayplayco,

Oh and I almost forgot @ayogom who I ask to respect the Thai community and stop saying he represents them when he doesn't!

I would like investors to simply stop involving and using the Steemians content creator communities as a human shield, they have nothing to do with your personal financial interests!

Like a bull in a china shop

Why so much disdain for the Steemians that you don't even try to hide your move? You thought seeing new witnesses even if they're real accounts popup in the top 20, In just a few days/hours, with only a hundred votes wouldn't shock anyone?

Do you really think by this move to give any add value to STEEM or break it even more?

Screenshot from 20200318 051551.png

Do you think you are liberators, representatives of a new vision of democracy that I wouldn't have seen?

I don't think so...

The REAL value

If we draw a parallel with a company (I apologize in advance to anyone who isn't happy with this comparison), then the people who give value to STEEM are the Steemians and nobody else!

  • The Steemians make the content (make the products in a company) on STEEM
  • The Steemians come to read the content (are the customers in a company) on STEEM
  • Investors like you are just the Bank in the corporate world.
  • Developper, Witnesses... are the IT department of a company

If I take the Steemians (who make the products and are the customers) out of the equation, do you think the company will still be valuable? No!

If Apple, for example, had no customers and no products to sell, do you think the company would be worth $1,000 billion? No, that would simply be a shell company without value!

A path WITHOUT Steemians

The path you're drawing will be without any Steemians, old or new! For the simple reason that you're destroying, each passing day, more and more of STEEM's attraction.

If STEEM is not a true democratic and decentralized system where investors respect their role and where decisions cannot be taken without the Steemians, then what is the point of using STEEM?

Do you honestly think that without these 2 indispensable factors you can compete with traditional social networks that are years ahead, faster, with horizontal scalability, easier to use... and to top it all off with more readers? It's a Joke?

I hope and wish @blocktrades success with HIVE where you failed miserably!


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