Bellastella uncovered ... a tribute to @eveuncovered


As some of you may know, I made the trip to Steemfest in Lisboa. I will write about that in detail soon, but I have to follow an idea, an inspiration first, because I met a soulmate in a young girl, a pretty active fellow Steemian girl ( I mean pretty and active) : @eveuncovered

Some may already know her, and those who don't should check her out! ( I mean: Check out her work!)

P1030213.JPGlook at our eyes... don't we look like sisters?

As I was looking through her post, I found this one, with some great (nsfw?) shots made in the hotel bathroom in Lisboa. This inspired me, taking some of these, too. I always liked to show myself to others and hopefully you will enjoy these takes, too.

Personally I think that the tatoo on my back is just getting the right frame with the blurryness of the waterdrops in monochrome... But decide for yourself!





this one I like the most... it was accidetially exposed much too short and I had to work quite a bit to get some details into light... what remains is imho a perfect hint at nudity without exposing too much

THX @eveuncovered!
You've been an inspiration!

I love you all!


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