Steemeum | Daily miner and statistics post (testing)

This post is to test the Steemeum daily miner and statistics post, the details and statistics below are outdated. Several of these test posts could be needed, sorry if they fill up your feed. More information on Discord.

Steemeum is a virtual mobile miner app based on Proof of Time, that invites mobile mining enthusiasts to the Steem Blockchain, and helps those new but also existing users to get a bit of Steem dollars in there wallets to spend in the Steem Blockchain and the related projects running on top of Steem as well the internal and external markets.At the moment we are in a closed beta and ask people to test the app, and this can still be entered, by joining the Steemeum Discord serverAfter you have joined Steemeum on Discord and have been given the testers role, you can download the app from the updates channel. Login with Steem Connect, with your Steem account and press the Start mining button to mine time. The gathered rewards from this, and the other daily miner posts of this week are put into the miner pool and transferred out to the miner users on a weekly base.

The latest Steemeum statistics, the data is from the time this article was posted and is updated daily in a new post.

Registered usersActive miners

Average mined time (h)Average payout (SBD)Payed out rewards (SBD)

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Steemeum - Website

The Steemeum project is and can be funded with Fundition, the decentralized crowdfunding project on Steem.

Do you want to get in contact, or want to know the latest news;

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