[SPS] Proposal for the agreement of the down-voting standards

■ Proposal for the agreement of the down-voting standards

1. Overview

  • Down-voting activities have been increased after HF22 allowed free downvoting pools.

  • In STEEM blockchain, down-voting is a way of expressing negative opinions or disliking content, and can be used by anyone.

  • However, when there is no public consensus within the community on the standards of down-voting, down-voting can be perceived as a means of discrimination.

  • As one of the representatives for the South Korean Steem community, we take some down-voting cases very seriously because they are focusing on non-English postings, including Korean postings with unclear reasons.

  • These kinds of behaviors are not consistent with the #new-steem intent of "providing appropriate compensation for good content" or with the Steem blockchain ideology advocating censorless SNS.

Example 1: A post that has been down-voted due to the missing thumbnail image.


Example 2: A post dealing with the loss of a friend, in sorrowful emotion, has been down-voted. It is very rude to down-vote a post with this type of content, rather than supporting a person that has lost someone close to them.

  • Steem Blockchain is the space where members of different cultures and languages stay together.

  • If down-voting is a necessary means for a Steem-blockchain, we believe that the clear consensus among community members on the down-voting criteria is required. In addition, we think that down-voting activities beyond the agreed-upon criteria should be prohibited.

  • Based on this context, SCT community proposes the following down-voting criteria:

(1) Clear plagiarism
(2) Posting of personal attack against others
(3) Posting dissemination of false facts (fake news)
(4) Postings related to crime simulation and criminal activity
(5) Racist Posting

  • In addition to the down-voting criteria, we also propose implementing features that allow users to choose the reason for down-voting.

2. Implementation

Community developers can generate a reason-for-down-voting feature in PR and submit it to a public repository or submit a development proposal with the same content to the SPS.

3. How to Vote

4. Purpose of the Proposal

This proposal is created to record the community's opinion on down-voting criteria within the community in Steem-Blockchain as a consensus manner.

5. What Happens if this Proposal Gets Approved?

If this proposal has been approved, all Steem community members should try to follow these down-voting standards.

6. Proposers