RE: Mistaken Destiny

Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) Season 4, Episode 14, they didn't kill that murdering black woman and they should have. The tank girl tried to kill her but held her back. She was shot in the gut but got away. Her husband died before as zombies took over the world. 5G is creating cancer and zombies. Geoengineering is creating zombies. Watched this episode at about 1 AM LMS, 2018-09-17 Monday. They ran off to a hospital, up to the roof. There was like a crocodile zombie. A hot woman and a girl try to walk to the beach but find the black guy and the cowboy. But they should have killed the killer. Murder might be bad but like Dexter Morgan and Batman, executions are necessary, or deportation.

Syrian Girl Screenshot at 2018-09-17 19:45:18.png

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