Joy Over Circumstantial Kites (JOCK)


Snow Mountains Returned, Within.

This morning, I wrote my review on Fuller House 406. I had an apple, eggs, & coffee. This year, I would generally drink more coffee on Sunday each week. The biggest problem is the creamer. Life is better as natural as possible like Foster Farm Chickens, haha. We went to church & I noticed snow on the mountains near us in Shelton, WA. We are a few hours from Seattle & I was surprised to see the snow because I thought the hills weren't a thousand feet tall. Mike mentioned a story from either the first or second world war where foreigners mapped out mountains in like England. They went up the mountains but then came down those hills. They claimed it to be hills as those hills where only like 900 feet tall. The town people dug up dirt to place on top of the hill until it rose to 1,000 feet above sea level to classify it as a mountain or so legend goes. Imagine if people were to pick up dirt from Jupiter to place it on Pluto to turn that like ninth dwarf planet into a real Pinocchio Planet, a real boy, big enough to be an actual planet. Joe talked about his rock collections.


Infinite Altitude

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Faith Through Fear?

In Sunday School, we talked about Faith & Fear as we go through this Overcomer Series which is hosted by David Jeremiah. For the morning service, children waved flags during worship. We watched some Reagan clips on YouTube. There were some technical difficulties, but they eventually got the audio working. For the sermon, pastor mentioned how Reagan's comedy, his humor, helped give people a break from a dark world. He gave a list of things we can fear, that we can be overwhelmed with. Pastor talked about a product of faith, which is Love Through Action, Joy Over Circumstantial Kites (JOCK), the actions of not being Sad Mad Bad but of being Glad Rad Dad. All of that is rooted on Original Oatmeal, Eternal Principles, Roots, Foundations, Pillars, building on Rocks instead of Sand like wise men, building on that base, that AGAPE core, that daily bread, that Green Oatmeal, that flour which produces all types products, treats, sweets, different types of breads, donuts, cakes, rolls, biscuits, muffins, cornbread, meatloaf, etc. In the car & whenever I'm not doing other things, I've been reading Beast Tech by Terry L. Cook & Thomas R. Horn. From the food pantry at church, I picked up 3 bags of Kettle Brand Potato Chips Croustilles, Korean Barbeque flavor. This Wednesday at 7 PM in the Annex, we'll begin a new Bible study group. I'm planning to come. We moved the picnic table over. I carried a bunch of things, including food, back into the house from the car on our way back home, I mean, after church, after coming back home.


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Shield of Faith

During Sunday School, we were talking about the armor of God. Today, we focused on the shield of faith as described in Ephesians 6, which is to protect us and guard us and defend us from fiery darts of Doubts, Deception, Distraction, Complacency, Procrastination, Fear, & especially of Regret. Those are seven things. I wonder if they could be compared to the seven deadly sins or not. They may be loosely connected. Faith can grow through Perspective & especially through Hearing Truth. Another way to say Hearing is what? Think about it. Listen. It's Voice. And there is so much power in Voice. God spoke everything into existence through sound waves, His Voice. Jesus Christ is God and He said, "Let their be Light," & there was light. Perspective can be visualized better through Voice, that is as we Listen but also as we Speak that Voice, that Power. Name It & Claim It Theology tries to turn God into a Genie to force God to do what we want as opposed to seeking after what God wants, His Will, which is what we need, via His Timing, His Everything, Through Our Actions. It's better to be active through action as that is what is the product of His Voice, as He is the Good Sheppard, John 10, and we hear His Voice, and action is the product of Faith. There is a difference between what we want and what we need, generally, unless if we align our desires towards what we really need instead of towards lust, temptation, depravity, etc. Can we grow our faith without facing our fears? Hypothetically, artificially, we can force ourselves to, as much as we can, to an extent, in a way, we can live in that type of deception of Fake Faith, Fake Results, AKA misaligned destiny. It's all about character development in the movies and story arch of our own lives and it is better to face fear, to pray for wisdom, courage, to overcome the fear, to develop that way, the complete way, the natural way, the Oatmeal way, as that is the best way ever. As a Salvation Army Camp Kuratli 2007-2008 Wilderness Counselor, we had a tree stump. We did the faith fall activity, the Trust Fall, the Peter Boat Analogy. A person stands on top of a tree log. They lock their arms and legs stiff and fall backwards towards our arms. We catch one person at a time. In this ritual, this activity game, we learn to trust each other during those summers. We had around a dozen teenage campers each week. We would talk about what Peter did on the boat as Peter walked out by faith into and onto the water, the lake, the sea, the ocean, to be with his Captain, his Savior, his Lord, his Jesus. He let go & began to sink but then returned his eyes back to Jesus. Like Titanic, Never Let Go (NLG). Mike would tell us not to fall like wet noodles. Fall like wooden boards.


What Is Love?

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Stand Somewhere

Just Stay Alive Somehow (JSAS). That's what they do in The Walking Dead (TWD). Keep moving, trying, fighting, believing. It's better to be hot or cold rather than lukewarm. Make decisions & act on them. Be open minded & change your mind in the future if need be, if you wanna. But inactivity can be worse. Technically, specifically it can depend as there might be exceptions or so it seems. But generally speaking, inactivity, procrastination, fear, and many things, keep us from participating in our own character archs, our own character developments in so many ways. The people of Israel, the whole country, immigrated as like refugees some thousands of years ago from the Middle East down to Egypt. After that, they left. They escaped. Somehow, historically speaking, they crossed the Nile river. Moses & Aaron helped. Hundreds of Jews made it across the river. The Egyptian armies did not make it across those waters. While in the desert, the wilderness, for 40 years, Israel would eat Manna. Each day, they would get new Manna that appeared from like Heaven. It like fell from the sky from like clouds or something. Israel would have faith that the food would would continue to come to feed them as they marched back to the Promise Land, Jericho.


Breaking World News

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Fear Everything

In my life, I've feared many things as different times. As I get older, I spend less time thinking about my fears and more on what I can do to make the world better through what I do have, on what I do like, rather than on what I don't. As I get older, I can fear not knowing everything. That is what I said during Sunday School to the rest of the class, that I can fear not knowing everything. My Vietnamese English Students in Saigon, Vietnam, during my 5 years in Asia from 2012-2017, would ask me about fear, specifically Lego Mark Charles. We had many conversations on overcoming fear. We can choose either to face the Fear Now or the Regret Later via procrastination, lack of faith, etc. I asked Mike if he thought Surrender was a synonym of Faith. Specifically, yeah, it is, as Surrender is the Giving Up and as Faith & Belief is the Giving In to God's Plan. But you don't have to believe in God to believe in @Stefan.Molyneux Philosophy, Eternal Oatmeal Principles, etc, that you can build your house upon, and that is God's Will, God's Plan, the best path, destiny, purpose, meaning to life, for each person, each human, regardless of whether there is a god, AKA a God, a Mother Earth, be it Jesus, Allah, Zeus, Ra, Santa Satan Clause, the Mormon Man God Reincarnation Loop, etc, or not.


Remembering Religion

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Golden Chinese Proverb Cookies

The Golden Rule, as found in the Bible is a great idea. Many of the advice found in Proverbs are found everywhere including Chinese Fortune Cookies. If you want to have a better life, start with what you believe and work on small tasks. Work on one small goal per day, like weight lifting class, be gradual, incremental, in regards to your spiritual focus, like you would with your physical muscles. Remind yourself via your spiritual and physical Voice of what you want in life. Write it down. Make lists. Accept failure but choose to get back up each time. Remind yourself that you can always fail at your goals at any time. You can fear failing. But beyond that, you can also fear regret, not trying in the first place. Start with your heart, what you believe, what you aim to do in your life. Cut up and cut open your lifelong dreams, careers, ambitions, goals, into smaller bite size bits. And reward yourself not for finishing each book in your life, metaphorically speaking, but rather for each chapter or even each paragraph or maybe for each sentence or each word to begin with to gather acceleration, momentum, which Trump mentioned to people when he was telling a story of a guy that took a break from his career but then came back only to have lost that momentum. Don't lose that Oatmeal, that fire, that spark of inspiration, passion, momentum, as you may never get it back ever again. Seek after a foundation, and especially consistency through some momentum, as you seek after trying new things, mixing it up, as that becomes habits which then becomes lifestyles. Got Integrity? I had a shirt that said, "Got Integrity?" that I made my Senior Year of high school. I shared during Sunday School about how I was so afraid and so fearful and timid and shy even to say my name during summer basketball camp at our high school when I was like ten years old in 1995, give or take a few years depending in which year it was maybe, and a coach asked for my name, and I tried to say but I whispered my name and had trouble talking clearly and everything and I said, "Joey." The coach replied, "Jerry?" No, it is Joey. But Linda Meyers wanted to hear how I went from that to Vietnam. Well, incrementally, I grew through my Walk With God towards growing as a person and everything through mission trips to Idaho in 2000, Quebec in 2006, Hawaii in 2007, 5 years of camp counseling, 3 years of Bible college, Bible clubs, high school classes, friends, making videos as a kid since 1996 which YouTube tried destroying, through drama classes, through the therapy of writing, etc. In the Beast Tech book, it lists a bunch laws like from the 1990's mostly that like allows government to take almost anything and everything from Americans. I wonder if we can get rid of these terrible laws. We are the salt of the earth, the light, the Oatmeal, the Moon Reflecting Sun Light. We learn about faith in Luke 17; 1 Peter 1:6-7. We commit, Proverbs 3:5-6.

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Working Websites

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Sleeping Giants

Most Christians, especially former Muslims, hide their Oatmeal, their lights, under bushels. We can learn a lot from that song, This Little Light of Mine, because I'm going to let it shine and don't let Satan Santa blow it out like Birthday Candles. We can also learn from Matthew 5 Blessed Are The Be Attitudes. Christians hide their light almost as much as MAGAicians, yup I said, not Magicians but MAGA Patriots, AKA MAGAicians. It can be magical, AKA Real Magic, AKA Supernatural, AKA Jesus, in the words of Lionel Nation Media, "Praise God, Hallelujah." Lionel says in a funny way when he is imitating some famous televangelists of like the 1970's, sarcastically, for fun. And that might be like a joke, and it's funny, but at the same time, we can see that life is beautiful. Train Disciples, Not Devils. We all do better that way. Not every person wants to listen to Tommy Robinson. I mean, Tony Robbins. There is so much hope in Personal Growth over Passive Genealogies. Keep it going. Never stop. Join the Freedom Frog Forums while you still can. Choose your Oatmeal, your own adventure, choose the winning side. Why not? What are you waiting for? The End.

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