Hard To Be Human

Ancient cemeteries had Tear Bottles.

Did you know that? This adds additional context, meaning, layers, to two words, just two words, that is the shortest verse in the Bible, "Jesus Wept," John 11:35. People long ago cried into jars, buckets, containers. They believed that the collected tears would help the deceased pass on to Heaven or something like that. Egyptians buried servants alive to help the Pharaoh (King) in the Afterlife.

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Inside Reading Rainbow Books

If we can learn more about only two words (JESUS WEPT), or in things we think we already know, then how much can we explore other things we think we already know, religiously, historically, politically, geographically, culturally, personally, scientifically, technologically, educationally, ironically, right? Hosanna means "Save Us, Politically." Israel wanted a king, AKA welfare like American Democrats. Too often, we want help but refuse to be the help, the Obama Change, that we have desired.

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Hard To Be Human

Yes, it may be hard to be a GOD. Lucifer wanted to be God. Satan tried to be God but failed. The Devil was given his own throne in Hades. In Greek mythology, the king of all the other gods, Zeus, sent Hades (Satan) down to Hell, that bottomless, Oatmealless, pit, hole, of eternal darkness, separation. Lucifer tries to get us to want what he wanted, to be a god. Mormonism teaches that as man is, God once was, and as God is, humans can become. Whether or not we are gods and whether or not we can become gods, regardless of whether or not it would be hard for a god to be a god or for us to be gods, it is still hard, either way, currently, it would seem, for us to be us as it is, for people to be people, or as they say at that toy store in America, at Toys-R-Us, or maybe Chuck E. Cheese's pizza / family restaurant, for kids to be kids, or that boys will be boys, where a kid can be a kid. Speaking of Chucky, remember those dolls from that horror film franchise, Child's Play? That man was trying to be like a god as he moved his soul into that Chucky doll. It can be hard to be human with bullet holes inside your dying body.

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Which things do we think we know?

If we are still learning new insight from small things, then how much more perspective can we discover from bigger issues as well? In Vietnamese, you can say, "Tôi không biết," which means "I no know." I like to say I don't know because the more I know, then the more I do not know because the more I know, then the more I know I do not know. That is part of the reason that it can be tough for a kid to be a kid, for a human to be humane, civil, without becoming too Non Playable Character (NPC) Like, too Zombie Like, too Social Justice Warrior (SJW) aligned.

Jesus Wept

Emotions and power and technology are tools. If a god can find it tough to be a god or to be human, to cry, then how much more may it be for us as well? It can be too bad or too counterproductive to be overly emotional if we lack enough application, reflection, during those moments. However, too often, we don't take the time to experience life enough. Our emotions can help us evolve and it can be used to either manipulate in some negative ways or maybe even inspire in some positive aspects as well.

Our Star Wars

We see our values more as we see the virtues and patterns of history, His Story, the story of God, the stories of humans on this planet, and stories impact us so much and Indian Chiefs would pass on stories around campfires. One of my favorite storytellers has been George Lucas of Star Wars. The best thing we can do and have done globally has been in and through and by and as we tell stories. It is part of my legacy, the inspiration in the Ojawall Chronicles, the Forty Four Tapes, of the Arnold Attic of Billy Breaker and Mickey Morehead, the Red Dog, which are the characters in stories I've told, stories which YouTube has been purging. So, what is your story?

Why Kids Ask Why?

The younger we are, the dumber we are, the less experienced we are, the less wise we are, the less active we are, the less involved we are, the less smart we are, the less talented, skillful, gifted, able, ready, we are, then the more we think we know more than we may really do know. Kids ask why as they are transitioning from and through that kind of ignorance, arrogance, towards experiencing, learning, that there is more to know than we know we know. As we age, as we mature, we began to see more and more things we do not even know we do not even know. We began to transition from being dumber to becoming smarter, more Christ-Like (Philippians 2:5), as we transition through and past thinking we know to knowing more and in knowing better more and more in how much we don't know. They won't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Jonathan Cahn on Hagmann (Bitchute)

Hope of the World.org | Paradigm - How To Order

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Jay Who?

Once upon a time, about three thousand years ago, lived a man named Jehu. Did you say "Jay Leno?" No. Jay Who? Oh, "Jehu" was his name. Out of nowhere, Jehu was anointed to be the next king. Jehu had no political background. But he became the king of Israel at a time when that nation was falling like the Roman Empire. Like President Donald Trump, Jehu appeared very smart, patient, strategic, long-term speaking, and yet very impromptu at the same time, or at other times, a jack of all trades or some trades at least. Good to make good trade deals.

Alex Jones Show on Bitchute
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But they both got things done.

They were both powerful men. There are many parallels seen in history, especially between these two men as noted by Jonathan Cahn in his book, The Paradigm, starting especially on page 148 with his introduction to Jehu which came after the fall of King Ahab (Bill Clinton), and the son of Ahab, King Joram (Barack Obama).

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Don't forget Jezebel (Hillary Clinton). This book talks a lot about these people, these paradigms.

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Ironic Mystic

There are so many patterns found in history and especially found in our own personal lives, both good and bad ones. They serve as stars in the sky, for the seasons, for prophesy, for the signs, for simple advice, wisdom, on what has been working and in what has not been working. Yes, it can be hard being human but we can at least use and get all the help we can get along the ride in making our countries, communities, and families, better and better, that is if we want to for the sake of our children, our future, our legacy, and why not?

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Hard To Be Human

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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