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Are you ready for the next big challenge on ChallengeApp

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Challengedac Team is upgrading the Challenge game to version 5 coming out in a few weeks and it's going to be exciting as other cryptocurrency peers will also be added as tip for completing a challenge by its users which will be a big one for the project team and challengedac users as y will help scale not only the challenge game but also other cryptocurrency, some of the new features to be expected on the new version of challenge game includes:

STEEMP(Steem pegged token will be added as challenge payment token)

  • Win zones will be expanded drastically
  • Bonus wheel will be available for challenge senders
  • E-mail sign up method will be added

Since they have had a good number of activities from Steemians the development team decided to add steem to the app, Steem blockchain has been promoting challenge app now and now they want to help support the steem ecosystem and also onboard more users on the app through adding SteemP to the list of payment options on the App. Which will encourage Steemians to keep downloading the App to send challenges to friends just like they do with Actifit that's rewards its users for proof of exercise. Challenge token CHL is already trading on steem-engine so it will be easy for integration of the steem in the new version of challenge app for easy tipping Currently, the Challengeeos app supports CHL, SAND, SENSE, EETH as reward tokens, in version 5 STEEMP will be added to the list of tokens and am sure we steemians can't wait for that's to be able to also earn some steem using challenge app. With the current development and recent activities on going on the steem blockchain I think it will give both CHLP and STEEMP a good market rally in terms of investors and new users which may pump the price of both tokens. But let's just wait and see how it goes, but until then u can get the app with the following depending on your device:

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Download challenge app today using the link below:

For Android Users: Click Here

For IOS Users: Click Here

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Buy CHLP via @steem-engine:

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