INTRODUCING VIPER: Sound, video, and blogging platform using STEEM and IPFS

Dear STEEM community,

We're really excited to finally bring this project to the public. Introducing...

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What is Viper?

Digitalization has driven major advances in the economy and society. This progress has had a powerful positive impact on the lives of people in developing and emerging countries. Today, more children are educated, fewer people suffer from hunger, child mortality has receded and a global middle class has taken shape.

Viper is a web application written in Javascript that runs in the browser which enables you to create and consume digital contents such as blog posts, videos, sounds, and online courses, created and curated by a truly awesome community which are rewarded with shares driven from the Steem inflation. Multimedia content is stored on the top of IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) along with the LBRY blockchain which are both decentralized and highly stable systems resistant to various issues such as censorship, network failure and natural disasters.

VIPER's primary objective is to provide a free and secure worldwide access to unbiased and quality knowledge related materials such as posts, articles, and courses in the educational and information sharing sector trough a pleasant yet efficient experience while fairly incentivizing content creators and curators using the inflation of the capitalized value of the network subjectively increased during the creation of their materials.

VIPER's secondary objective is to establish an open knowledge market and a transparent competition in the information creation sector as the cornerstones of digital growth stimuli, creating innovation-friendly environment and thus giving people the opportunity for social advancement and greater economic prosperity.

So if you're actually already familiar with Steem, you won't be lost at all, the base is very similarto Steemit excepting that Viper provide new features such as the integration of multimedia content such as sounds and videos and online courses based on chapter which are covering a much larger spectrum of services and functionalities along with a slightly more efficient and professional UI which aims to provide a better bandwidth between brains and the Steem blockchain in order to provide an efficient yet enjoyable reading experience. [viper-whitepaper.pdf]


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How Viper works?

Viper works on your favorite browser and keeps care of storing your private's keys very well encrypted using Triplesec, a post-quantum symmetrical encryption algorithm in order to keep your account protected from various threats. Viper also integrates a small database (Up to 10Gb) which permit you to browse Steem offline if you are traveling or if you have a slow network very useful for those who doesn't have a proper internet connection everywhere at any time.

Sounds and videos are mostly stored on IPFS, a decentralized file system, working with a great efficiency, stability and robustness. Since Viper can handle any web API, files can also be stored on LBRY, a multimedia blockchain platform which enjoys to be very stable and very secure against censorship, so your work is staying perfectly safe and most importantly, you have the full control over your favorites masterpieces. Viper split author's post reward and keep 25% in order to improve the quality of our service and continuously improve the general satisfaction of the community along with safely store your creations for post containing multimedia content. Viper's Steem power will be invested in bots providing the community both a diversity and pertinence booster and an extra reward for original and passionate content creators.

Viper's also permit to post some VIPs which are very similar to tweets except that the length is limited to 177 characters. Just like tweets, tags and users are automatically linked and images/sounds/videos are displayed in a fancy way. Let's post some VIPs!

VIPER stand for a better world with more equal opportunities trough a fluid access to high quality free worldwide education and unbiased knowledge materials while reinforcing diversity and freedom of opinion.

Best Regards,

Viper's, Vortex's, and Esteem8's team

Legal ownership: Affolter Matias

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Stay tuned!

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