Steem Blockchain Seed Node Review

Seed nodes are part of the Steem blockchain infrastructure. They help to propagate traffic across the network so that the blockchain can reliably and efficiently produce and distribute blocks every three seconds.

There is no financial reward for hosting a seed node, but doing so helps the network. There is also a cost for running a seed node - both in terms of money and time. Because of this, typically witnesses are the ones who run seed nodes.

There isn't a single complete and up-to-date list of seed nodes anywhere. There are several sources though that have partial lists.

@gtg and I have compiled a list of all the nodes from the various sources and have been running tests to determine which nodes are still active. Below is a summary of our initial round of review.

Action item for node operators:

If you currently run a seed node, or have run one in the past - please review the below list to ensure that it is accurate. If there are any changes, please let us know in the comments below or reach out to me on or Discord.

These nodes are currently active:

Seed NodeNode Operator

These nodes have been replaced with new nodes:

Seed NodeNode Operator

These nodes are disabled / currently not working:

Seed NodeNode Operator, @helo

Please Review

If you are one of the node operators in the above lists, please review the status of your node. If your node is currently down but you are still planning to maintain it - please reach out and let us know.

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