Statement: 0.22.5

When the initial purchase of Steemit, Inc. by Tron took place, I was optimistic about a potential "partnership" between the Steem and Tron community. I saw a lot of areas where we could work together, and the sum of the parts would be greater than the individual parts.

I also opposed the 22.2 soft fork that a super-majority of the witnesses implemented, and instead ran my own version (22.3) which restricted Tron's accounts from witness voting, but not their ability to power down or transfer funds. My view at the time was that if the witness vote restrictions were not enough to secure the chain (and Tron tried to power down funds to get around the restrictions) that our path forward at that point would be to start a new separate chain without Tron.

Since the hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain by Tron and the exchanges that used their customers' stake to vote in sock-puppet witnesses, I am 100% opposed to Justin and Tron's agenda. My view is that they are liars and they have put their own self-interests above those of our blockchain and community, and done permanent damage to Steem. They are not to be trusted, and I see zero opportunity to work together with them in any way shape or form.

Let me make this crystal clear: I am 100% opposed to the hostile takeover by Tron and will be actively working with the Steem community to take back the chain.

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