Hive: Exodus to the land of Milk and Honey! On Steem the fight continues!


Today we had a landmark announcement of the Hive blockchain launch, a true win for the Steem community which has suffered centralisation and uncertainty for weeks since the #SteemHostileTakeOver by Justin Sun of Tron.

I am writing this post to tell you my thoughts and allegiances regarding Steem and Hive.

My Support of HIVE

After weeks of fighting against the centralisation exerted by Tron on the Steem blockchain, by waging war against this travesty on Twitter, Steem blogs and private chat channels, I am relieved there is a place my fellow Steemians can go to seek peace and escape from the dystopia of the events that recently unfolded on Steem. I will be proud to join everyone on Hive and will continue to operate my witness on the new chain and always fight for what is fair and just. Hive will be my new home where my Steem family is safe and I will continue to defend them there.

We have had talks within BuildTeam and agreed that we will monitor the growth of Hive and will offer support for the HP delegation on Digital Asset Leasing as soon as it becomes economically viable to do so.

BuildTeam will also add Hive to the GINAbot version 2.0 roadmap, so all Hive users can continue to receive their beloved notification service.

Continuing the Fight on Steem

Steem has been my home for a better part of 4 years, it isn't something I can easily let go of. I believe in fighting for one's home and the people in it, call it nostalgia or naivety, leaving behind a wasteland does not quite sit right with me. The ultimate opulence scenario for the Steem community would be if both Steem and Hive prosper and grow in value, many families around the world will benefit greatly from an appreciation of their investment on both chains and will hedge against the tough times ahead in the current global pandemic each and every one of us face.

BuildTeam will continue to run Dlease and GINAbot on Steem as long as it remains economically viable to do so, in order to support the existing community.

I will continue to run my witness on Steem and continually strive to gain back ground against the illegitimate witnesses on Steem. I will use Hive to unleash my creativity and to escape from the war on Steem, after recharge I will regularly return to battle for our former homeland and hopefully help take back Steem for everyone and help transform it into what Hive hopefully will prove Steem can and should be like.

Taking back Steem will not be easy, I ask and pray for anyone who feels the same sentiment to join me and continue the good fight and secure a double win for all. It may take months or years but it is possible as long as there is a faction of Rebel Separatists left fighting for the decentralisation of Steem. I invite all communities to help take back Steem, including the Korean and @proxy.token alliances to join in and do what is right for Steem. I hold no judgement of past allegiances and ask only for a united front into the future to take back Steem. Honour and Liberty are above all most important.


Please comment in this post if you wish to support a decentralised Steem future!

Vote for all legitimate witnesses and help Steem rise again!

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