SwiftCash UpvoteBot: First $SWIFT Payments To $STEEM Delegators!

28/06/2019 marks the first date for SWIFT payments to STEEM delegators of the SwiftCash UpvoteBot! As explained before here, appx. 100% of curation rewards will be paid to delegators in the form of SwiftCash, the revolutionary Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency. SwiftCash UpvoteBot leaves an instant upvote on your post if you send it STEEM or SBD with the URL of your post in the memo.

The upvote you receive will be at least 101% profitable. That is to say you will receive your own money plus at least 1% more, back in SBD and STEEM POWER once your post gets paid. If you send more than the bot can afford, there is no need to worry as the bot will refund you with the change and the bot will also refund you in case of any other issues.

To delegate STEEM to @swiftcash to start earning a passive income, comment below how you want to delegate to @swiftcash and you shall receive a link from @tipu. You can also delegate SP or manage your existing delegations here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or join our community on Discord or Telegram. SWIFT payments to STEEM delegators will repeat appx. every month while SBD and STEEM payments will continue to occur on a daily basis!


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