A year on steem!

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Woo! A year on steem! I had been really busy starting my career early this month, don't really have much time to blog on steem actually.

Here are a list of stuff I had been through this year and my future plan after joining steem.

TLDR on this year journey

Something that I learn in 2018

  • Learn Cryptocurrency and earn cryptocurrency through steem blockchain.
  • Start testing out stuff with SteemSQL, and learn a lot of data analysis and query method with MSSQL.
  • Created a few chat bots with Telegram and Discord.
  • Published a few NPM packages, some related to steem.
  • Started using TypeScript and now can't live without it.
  • Created a blockchain based on proof of work from scratch using Node.js and give a talk about it.
  • Dockerize SteemHunt backend
  • Learn Tex and written my resume with that.
  • Created a wallet with steem blockchain https://swallet.netlify.com/
  • Start using Vue.js and eventually written some useful plugins https://github.com/superoo7/vue-cli-plugin-chrome-ext
  • Started to work as Software Developer at CoinGecko field since early this month, and really enjoying it.
  • So far, I had build Chrome Extension and written a web interface that communicate with Ethereum blockchain with CoinGecko.

Something that learn it in a hard way in 2018

  • Move from Redux to Mobx, too much boilerplate to make it work.
  • Start hosting chat bots and server got hacked, learn it the hard way.
  • Server hosting on DO is a pain in the ass, and I am still doing it for free for the sake of community, but a lot of people take it for granted.
  • Maybe DO is not that great (easy to use tho), consider EC2 or other alternatives.
  • Sometimes you build a tool that you think is quite cool and many ppl gonna like it, but ended up no one using it, therefore marketing is the key on increase adoption.
  • Nobody read your blogs on steem.
  • There's no dapps on steem so far.
  • I am bad at design.
  • Might need to improve backend skill, spending too much time on JS.
  • You don't really need to use blockchain to solve a certain things.

Next year plan

  • maintaining code base for all the steem related stuff.
  • Build something useful (maybe rewrite personal site) with Elixir Phoenix / Golang.
  • Learn to build a scraper? maybe?
  • Learn DevOps. (Explore AWS, GCP and Azure)
  • Try to leave comfort zone of coding in JS/TS, and start picking up new language. (Rust maybe?)
  • Just realize I don't really know how to debug with Chrome, might spend some time to play around and learn to use Chrome for debugging.
  • Try other blockchain technology.
  • Maybe start doing something with IOT.
  • Learn more about React Native.
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