You Have Some Steem, Now What? STEEM POWER DAY!! [steem] [voting]

I know many Steemians use Steem for daily necessities, which is amazing and awesome to know that a cryptocurrency only created a few years ago has already impacted many lives in a positive manner more so than any paper money ever has in such a short time.

Now for those Steemians that don’t need to use Steem for daily living it should be a no brainer to power up your Steem. Once powered up, Steem becomes Steem Power, a much more powerful Cryptocurrency, in fact one of the most powerful and yet overlooked.

For now, I give you the Steem Converter Machine which turns your Steem into Super Steem called Steem Power.

Yes, this is a drawing. I finally did it, and got an Ipad tablet with Pencil. I am learning how to use it, and tried to use a little perspective when drawing this machine. So far I like the Ipad and am using Procreate as the draw app.
I m learning the program slowly, since I have only ever used Adobe Photoshop.

But back to Steem Power, I think Steem and the Steem Community is ready for the next step.

I think we are ready to take destiny into our own hands. I am going to ask some of the most impactful Steemians as well as each and every one of you....

Can We make a difference with Steem Power?? @nathanmars @fyrstikken @berniesanders @good-karma @surpassinggoogle @chbartist @hilarski @firepower @adsactly @slowwalker @etcmike @stackin @broncnutz @abrockman @acidyo @theycallmedan @velimir @kingscrown @crypt0 @roelandp @exyle @doitvoluntarily @ackza

And Many more influential Steemians... lets agree to make a STEEM POWER DAY -

On this day no one sells and no one sends Steem to any exchanges. On this day no one powers down and if you are already powering down, then Stop it for that one day and then start powering down the next day... those who can or are willing too, Power Up on the Designated Day.

Can We Make A Difference, are Steemians Powerful enough to make an impact on the Steem Price?


Suggestions, ideas, dates or just tell me I am nuts!!

If you believe leave a comment below, re-steem this and spread the word... May 1st 2019 will be Steem Power Day unless we collectively decide otherwise.

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