Steem for Creatives [Sndbox + Steemit Inc. at the Mondo NYC - Music and Blockchain Conference]


Steem @ Mondo.NYC Music + Blockchain Conference

Earlier this month @sndbox was a Media Partner at an event in Brooklyn, called Mondo.NYC. This 3-day conference and music festival was action packed with everything from performances to panels on blockchain, university idea competitions and a Steem workshop!

We teamed up with Steemit Inc.'s @andrarchy to showcase the Steem ecosystem during a 1 hour workshop - highlighting what artists could do with it, which DApps were available and why Steem is a powerful resource for musicians to learn about and begin using right now. Here are a handful of graphics and slides we created for the event. If they're useful, please feel free to use them for your own events and workshops!

Learn more about the Steem workshop at Mondo.NYC, here.

Steem for Creatives


Artists [musicians specifically] stand to benefit a lot from the Steem ecosystem. Here; all kinds of media, creativity, experimentation and engagement can be rewarded. This is a new kind of social network powered by blockchain tech.


Creativity is a risky business. Producing your work through traditional social-media nets you no direct gains and are time-consuming gambles. A lot of pressure is placed on your "final product" to sell and to compensate for time spent throughout the process (90%).


Steem helps tokenize the previously missing 90%. This flips the norm to help make your story where the value is. Whether you work as a freelancer, within an organization, or are trying to mobilize a new initiative, Steem helps you publish all kinds of media and maximize the rewards from your process.



If you're an artist, one day you might sketch out an idea, visit a place of inspiration, record a sample or build a prototype. Why can't you share all of those pieces of the creative puzzle on one network? Sharing fragments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don't add up and are incredibly time consuming.

Steem has over 400 applications for you to choose from. Whatever kind of creative you are, you can build a network (that exists across all Steem apps) and let your ideation develop organically.


Here's @carrotcake's drawing a cover image for The Creative Crypto Magazine. She breaks down an illustration into a series of blog posts and images that reflect her thought process. Why just publish the final piece? Everyone wants to know what the stories are hiding behind the canvas...


For our team @sndbox, Steem Park was our proof of process. As designers, could we kickstarter-ify the Steem Blockchain to build something physical? Could we use posts to actually pay for furniture... and then build up an audience who might want to sit on that furniture?




This was Steem Park, a design build project that used to pay for urban furniture and build new community networks. Learn more about the project here.



Next up, building a Magazine on Steem specifically for creatives looking to learn more about cryptocurrency. Here, we showcased The Creative Crypto Magazine as an example of "Steem powered" but also an outlet for artists to learn more about what's happening on the blockchain!






The future of decentralized creativity is bright and powerful. Steem is something that any musician can dive right into and begin learning more about. We ended this presentation by exploring some of the DApp websites that catered to musicians like and

We're continuing to build Media Partnerships in and around New York to draw more creatives into cryptocurrency. This was an exciting event that we're already developing next steps for. A huge thanks to the Mondo team and Steemit Inc. for pushing the conversation forward and creating a forum for the crypto-curious to explore!

Learn more about the Steem workshop at Mondo.NYC, here.


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