Things you need to know about

  1. is not just supported from 50 people. It's supported by @proxy.token and @clayop - the two most accounts having many proxies from many Korean Steemians (probably far more than just a hundred).

  2. The main people behind the is NOT new people at all. You (mostly English-based Steemians) just didn't know much about them. Their main dev @segyepark has developed many tools for Korean users for a long time (maybe longer than @steemhunt), and his contributions have brought/onboarded so many Korean users.

  3. I saw many people say "they are too new to be a top 20." When did we have this rule? If they are qualified Steem dev/business people, have a good reputation from a solid community, why not to be the main witness even though they're pretty new? For chain security?? If you really think the "period" of the witness node running is that much important, why we didn't put this on the hard fork??

Oh, and I'm really getting tired of seeing the @justinsunsteemit-evil-propaganda. Feel like to seeing the 2016 American election. I still think that this drama never happens if the f***ing 22.2 fork was not tried. So I'm tired of seeing the 22.2 people keep drawing the propagandic frame that concludes anyone who supports @justinsunsteemit is evil.

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