Thinking Out Loud #4 - are we forgetting the fun on Steem?

It's Sunday night.

Seems like a good time to step back and reflect a little on the week that's passed, and the seven days that lie ahead.

For us Brits the days to Halloween are going to be a spooky time.

Are we out, or are we in?

Brexit beckons like a big bad dog.

Is it going to bite our hand off, or roll over and let us tickle its tummy...

While here in Steemland...

Life goes on.

But I sense a similar uncertainty.

If you run the numbers it can look tricky.

The Steem price is still in the doldrums, we struggle to keep in the top 80 on CoinmarketCap, and has just dropped through position #10,000 on

Then I rub my eyes and see some little sparkling lights.

Despite our thinning numbers Steem still has one of the most bouyant and active communities in the cryptosphere.

People still do stuff, they step forward to volunteer (like @paulag and @chrisrice offering to be Regional Leaders), they build stuff, they write stuff, they sing stuff, they take photos, make vlogs, do shows, bake cakes, paint pictures, compose poems, grow veg, raise chickens - all in the name of Steem.

And technically Steem is sound, its fast, its free, ranked in the top 20 on FCAS and in the top 10 by the Chinese government.

And with MIRA, and with SMTs, and with Hive Communities we are going to be out there. Right on the frontline. On the leading, bleeding edge of the cryptosphere.

But we are just a bit invisible...

That's up to us, all of us, to tell the world.

To stand with Steem, and shout it from the rooftops.

Now is the time.

2020 is going to be a big year for Steem.

12 months that could rock our SteemWorld.

If you've got ideas to make Steem great again make sure you enter the Steem2020 contest. There's a 1500 STEEM pile of prizes waiting for the best entries...

But let's not forget the fun...

Steem can be hard work.

It can be difficult, it can be challenging, it can become a grind.

But we mustn't forget it is a social network, of sorts.

With social I am sure there should be fun.

We should enjoy it.

I still do.

I enjoy writing posts, I enjoy doing shows, I enjoy talking with people, I enjoy putting my old home movies online.

When I stop enjoying, I stop doing.

Then I turn 180 degrees, think of a new idea, reboot and start again.

Fresh and fancy for the next adventure.

It must be time for a new show...

My Monday show on MSP,, was always going to be a limited edition. There are only so many tribes to talk to.

I have two more episodes of this show to run - with CTP and @battlegames this Monday, and then with @naturalmedicine the following week.

Then I will be rejigging, revamping, moving to Saturday and mixing it up big time.

I have a new show in the making.

It is going to be a whole load different. Less talk, more action.

Quizzes with prizes, music of all types, chats about anything and everything - but not much about Steem.

It's going to be called 'The Buzz'...

That's another week's thoughts in the bag.

Raw and random, as it flows from my head.

It might make sense, or it might not...

If you want to catch me on air I will be doing another episode of on Monday, 8pm UTC on MSP. This one will be with @jongolson of CTP & @agr8buzz of Battlegames...

Thank you for reading and good night.

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