Toe Jaw I Bawt 30,000 Steem Yesterday

Toe Jaw I bought 30,000 steem. I know yaw ain’t believe me but I finally made it. My next goal is 250k. Hopefully steem will drop one more time and I can get there. I’m preparing for SMTs and steem communities bruh. Dey say you will be able to earn off the community you create so I’m makin a list of tags imma try to buy when da toolkit drop. Hopefully it’s easy to use and dat shit ain’t complicated. But I’m sure I have enough steem to play with the whales and start some communities around da stuff I’m into.

But yea let me get soft for a second. I appreciate you for reading this if you did and leava comment If you did so I can give you an upvote.

I done bought all this damn steem. This shit better not fall. I need to go shill. Lata



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