Mo n Mo Upvotes!

Dear dyry,

I’m gettin mo n mo upvotes. Er time I pos, I get mo upvotes den I did da last time. Itz wile. It’s cause I’m a orca and I got steem pah so I get special privileges like dat. I get respec in deez steem skreets. People pile in on my votes cause dey know imma drop dat fye. Dey know imma provide dat good nightly diary entertainment so they upvote b4 Dey emm read my pos. Das how good Dey are. Imma keep bine steem so I can upvote mo peepo. I caint wait for SMTz and communities. Dat shit gonna go hard! Decentralized Reddit in neh bih! Imma start a community and upvote awe my frienz. We gone be possin memes and videos jus wilin. I hope yaw can undastand me. I can’t read but I know da sowns da words make. Like da sowns the lettas make ratha. So it’s gud cause if you speak English you can stewe undstand me. But das maybe a topic for tomah. Gudnight dyry


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