The Pumping part 2: Electric Pumpaloo (offer closed - delegations given out)

Edit: offer is now closed, I have given out the following delegations:

  • bat-junior - 1000 sp
  • fbslo - 1000 sp
  • firman - 100 sp
  • super-em - 100 sp
  • - 200 sp
  • whalepower - 500 sp

(pic of one punch man from

Are you new to Steemit???

I am Neoxian, and I want to pump you up!

Yep, it's that time again, where I go around pumping newbies, helping them become big and strong like One Punch Man above.

Ok I have two offers on the table. Please read this post carefully to understand!

First, both of these offers are only for those whose accounts are in good standing, and are not being flagged for spam or plagiarism. Your rep should be at least 25.

The little minnow offer

I will delegate 100 sp to 10 worthy small minnows. This delegation will last for about a month. Your steem power, both native and delegated, must be less than 50 SP. Delegated power is shown in parenthesis.

The big minnow offer

I will delegate 1000 sp to 2 worthy big minnows, again it will be about a month long. Your steem power, both native and delegated, must be between 50 sp and 250 sp.

Please apply below by writing a comment describing the wonderful things you will do for Steemit, and any words of wisdom you have to offer.

I'll will wait a couple of days to let people apply before selecting the minnows.

Good luck and happy steeming!

  • I reserve the right to withdraw my delegation early if you misbehave with your account.


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