Neoxian: witness application

Hey all,

I'm doing this mostly because the folks at MSP (Minnow Support Group) and PAL asked me to.

Here is my witness application:

I am Neoxian. Vote for me.




Alright, I suppose I should say a little more.

Reasons to vote for me:

  • I've been here since last July 2016 and I'm heavily invested would like to see Steem do well.

  • I'm pretty active on the chain, posting, curating, flagging spam and plagiarism.

  • I've run various businesses on the blockchain, to help demonstrate the business can be done in Steem. I was a pioneer being one of the first to rent delegations which has now become big business here. I have also loaned money to various people in need, helping them out of a tight spot.

  • I've done some good deeds, like saving @zaragast from the wrath of Steemcleaners. /@neoxian/steemit-lawyer-second-client-zaragast. He is still a productive Steem citizen this very day. Also giving out free delegations to people to help keep the excited about the system: /@neoxian/the-pumping-part-2-electric-pumpaloo.

Edit: vote here:

Vote for me, and I'll make all your dreams come true.

(Pedro pic found on the internets)


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