John Frusciante Challenge: #4 - Why I Don't Enjoy LinkedIn Anymore

This article is part of the John Frusciante Challenge: 10 Articles in 10 Days. It is named after the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, as he recorded 6 albums in 6 months during 2004.
If you think that this content doesn't make sense, probably you're right! I still hope you'll enjoy it though...

I composed this article while listening to Wish You Were Here, the legendary Pink Floyd album. This made me think about the music of the past and the music of today, which increased further my contempt level toward modern society...

If you want to use social media for something productive, you should drop Facebook, forget Instagram and embrace LinkedIn! Or should you not...?
There is no platform like LinkedIn that drove me into disillusionment. At the beginning I enjoyed spending time on it, but in the last months, I got disappointed, even irritated by the glitches of LinkedIn system, by the lack of feedback, by the absence of human contact. Yeah, on LinekdIn you feel like you're interacting only with stupid bots!
In simple words: I got tired of LinkedIn!
It's like on LinkedIn I see all the worst aspects of modern society. Let me explain why in the following paragraphs:

The buggiest social network

Let's start from the most basic thing that annoys me continually: dear LinkedIn, you are too buggy!
Is it possible that everytime that I try to post something you have to display the message “ops, something went wrong!”. Come on! I have to post the same thing 2-3 times before it goes online!

Template replies

I tell you now: if you have to send me one of those silly sentences suggested by LinkedIn, don't bother. I won't reply to you at all or if I will, it won't be a nice reply.
I want to meet a real person, with who possibly do business or at least have an ideas exchange that will make both of us grow. I don't want to waste my time with a stupid bot.
And now that I have updated my profile with my latest position, please, spare your fake congratulations...
Nevertheless, it gets sadder when these template replies come from friends!


“Congratulations on the new role!”
“Congratulations for your work anniversary!”
“Happy birthday!”
There is nothing more irritating than receiving compliments and wishes by strangers that in reality don't give a shit about you! How could they care about me if they have never even met me in person? Why do they bother? I can't understand how humans are so stupid...
I might only understand the case of someone who is professionally attracted by my profile and uses this as an ice-breaker. For the rest... I must think that they have nothing better to do in life than checking my new position and my birthday....
It's still nice to receive birthday wishes, but it's not what I look for on LinkedIn.
It's nice to receive contact invitations, as they can turn into something concrete and not into thin digital air. I found more great cooperation opportunities on Facebook than on LinkedIn.
It's nice to receive recognition for your professional achievements, provided that this is genuine, but genuineness doesn't dwell on LinkedIn.

The dirty advantage/nightmare of being a woman

No, I'm not a woman, but nevertheless I do have a female LinkedIn profile. I won't tell you who it is, but it's really likely that she had received your ambiguous job offers.
Let's call my alter ego Lolita, like the movie.
Yes many of you for sure, contacted Lolita for her solid CV, but be honest: your dick made you click on her profile instead of another candidate...

Indeed, Lolita's CV is pretty much similar to mine, minus a successful experience in an international company like The Stars Group. Yet, Lolita constantly receives tens of job offers, despite she does nothing on LinkedIn. I think she has never commented any post, never written an article and only a couple of times she has shared something on her profile...
On the contrary, I rarely receive a job offer and most of the times this is what happens:

  • The salary is way too low
  • The position is unrelated to my background
  • It's not a real job offer, rather a “cooperation” offer from some shady Chinese/Indian profile
  • It's a recruiter not interested in me but that has the ass-face to refer a potential candidate. Are you the recruiter or am I??? You want me to do your job??? Seriously??? WTF!

Here is an example of an ass-face asking me to report her about some ICO or STO in need of funding, looking forward to be listed on their exchange.

When I proposed Aliencoin, she even didn't bother to reply. What a jerk!

Lack of manners

This is exactly the point that drives me mad! People contact you and when you reply, they say nothing. Don't you know that there are expressions like “OK, thank you for your time” or “Your expectations are too high for us, but thank you for your reply”. You don't contact someone, especially for checking his availability on some job and then you do ghosting like with a person met the night before in a bar! This is LinkedIn not Tinder, you dirty motherfucker!

Nobody gives a shit about me

Nobody serious gives a shit about me, but probably because nobody serious is left on LinkedIn.
Yes, this reason is a loser reason after all. Despite in most of the instances I've been a winner throughout my whole life, I still have some loser traits, like every human being.
What's more loser-like than hating someone who doesn't consider you?
Yes, I must admit that I suffer a lot the fact that nobody likes my articles, nobody replies to my comments and nobody views my profile. At least in the past, many people stopped at my profile. Everyone congratulated with me for my complete LinkedIn profile. Not being able to explain the drop I had in the last year hurts me the most. It makes me think: “Fuck you all!”.

It's not just about LinkedIn

I don't want to play the grumpy grandpa, but I feel like the decay seen on LinkedIn is the symptom of a world that is going more and more superficial. People don't have time to get into things deeper, because “the world runs faster than ever!”. Where this world is running to is still a mystery to me, but yeah people don't want to waste time. They digest small bites on social media and don't have time for more than 2 lines. They listen to music that doesn't use more than 3 notes and that it is as more repetitive as possible, with the 2-3 words of lyrics put randomly.
People follow and vote for leaders that find the perfect shocking line on Twitter and don't bother about the leaders true intents.
It's not surprise that these same people don't have time to send personalized messages, don't have time to thank you for having considered them and they don't have time for respecting you and themselves.
It seems that this is the world that the Silicon Valley created: a world full of rubbish and empty of values.
I don't know for how long I will keep on staying on LinkedIn. In the meantime, I can only tell you to stop for a moment and listen to a real piece of music that accompanied me while writing down this rebel article:

However, it turned out that behind one of the silly template congratulations there was a human! Yes, there are still intelligent humans on LinkedIn!

Thanks David for making me believe! Hope is the last one to die...

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