RE: Avast says that There’s malware in that CCleaner software update

@steemcleaners and @cheetah and others accused me of spamming here because I wrote one word. I wrote good. I wrote good because the update was good. Are you saying that I did not think it was good? Do you watch my videos on YouTube? I talk about these things. I believe in blockchain and crypto. Are you denying that? I have been using Ubuntu for over a decade. I am buying crypto. I am learning and educating people everyday. I am Joey Arnold and I sometimes do not have the time to write very long comments but I what I do write I mean. When you say that I am spam you are therefore attacking the freedoms of speech and expressions. You make people fear being censored. We left Facebook to escape censorship but we are being bullied too much by whales and others in Steemit. Be careful. 2017-09-25 Monday 1:38 PM MDNH JOEYARNOLDVN: Original Oatmeal L4OJ OJAWALL Oregon 1985 Joey Arnold:

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