Cannot Upload Photos Again?

cat sarra

I'm not out of Resource Credits (RC).

You can see how much bandwidth (RC) I have at As of right now, 01:24 PM PST LMS, Friday, the 9th of November, 2018, today, near Seattle, I, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, @JOEYARNOLDVN, according to Steemd, have 56,512,541,070 (fifty six million resource credits [RC], AKA mana), currently, out of a maximum of 477,928,692,294 total. My daily recharge rate is 47m (million) RC which recharges 100% in 4 days.

castle travel

Why can't I share images?

With 56 m RC, I can leave 31 comments or 100+ votes or 100+ transfers. My voting power is at 100%. I have 236m RC in voting power. I have 28 /237m in commenting / posting / voting / activity Resource Credits (RC). My current_pct is at 11.82. I think this is percentage (pct). Did you see this mess? Did I reach a limit? These are some of the details, info, from Steemd, on my Steemit account, currently. In conclusion, I don't see anything about image posting limits. Did I reach my limit? But I have RC. Did I do something wrong or what?


I'm not out of RC.

When I go to post a picture, I get the "OBJECT OBJECT" red lettered error message.

Image upload : Error: [object Object]


I've got these error messages a few times before, some months ago, this year, 2018. I wrote about this problem back on Friday, the 13th of July, 2018, near Seattle. After that, the next day, on Saturday, the 14th, of July, 2018, I wrote about this issue again. A month later on Wednesday, the 15th of August, 2018, I wrote about this dilemma once again. I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu Mate, on my Lenovo Yoga laptop. I've been able to upload pictures before, but not now. Not sure why. Tried disabling Firefox add-ons. Tried restarting Firefox, the WIFI Network on my computer. I even shut down my entire PC. I even cleared recent Firefox history [EVERYTHING], including cookies & cache. That didn't help. This might be the 4th time I've been unable to upload in 2018 on Steemit. In the past, the problem would randomly correct itself after about a week without explanation.


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