Paid surveys in Steem - your opinion?

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Dear Stemians,
Dear members of @project.hope,

I (@achim03) would like to share with you a business idea and get your opinion about it.

The idea would be to run a website that allows users to fill surveys and complete offers and to get paid for it in steem.

If you want to see how such offers look like, I would advise you to have a look at the following website: cointiply. Go to the section -> Earn Coins - complete surveys or offerwalls to get an idea what it is.

Why such a project when there are already other similar projects on the net? None of the providers of offerwalls or surveys allow its users to get paid in steem. I would like to provide such a product for steem users mainly.

My project would address different issues about steem:

Small users could generate steem in a different way

Small users often don't have money to invest to buy steem to power up. The fact that they could easily earn steem by completing tasks by investing their time, would allow them to grow without monetary investment.

Demand for steem would increase

Since the survey and task providers would pay me in fiat or btc, I would have to buy steem in order to pay the users. Like that fresh money would come into the steem ecosystem and could help stabilize prices.

Onboarding of new steem users

The website would be available to everybody but since paiments would be done in steem, users would have to create a steem account in order to get paid.

On the other hand the project would also profit from steem directly:

No payment fees

Paying users in steem has the big advantage that no middleman would be necessary. The transactions would be directly done over the blockchain and also be free of charges.

A big community as customers

The whole steem community might be interested in such a service.

The steps of this project

Before I take any further steps into this project, I would like to get your honest opinion about it.

Would it be a nice add-on for the steem ecosystem? Would you use it? Would you support this project for a steem proposal?

If the answer is encouraging enough, I might start a steem proposal for this project and ask you to support it. Why a steem proposal? The investment necessary to acquire the script for such a software is quite expensive and some development would have to be done. Since this project would help the steem ecosystem to grow, I believe that it might be interesting for steem users to support it. What do you think?


A project run by @achim03