My suggestion for Justin, Binance and the Steem Community (한국 공동체를 포함하여)


This is only my personal vision and advice, it's up to you to do what you want with it.

First of all, @justinsunsteemit you should start cleaning up your image, I suggest you change your Twitter/Medium speech to one where you admit your mistake. Acknowledging one's mistakes is not a sign of weakness and helps to progress in life.

It's time for this failed power grab to stop! This brings nothing to anyone and only damages each day that passes a little bit more your image.

That's why I invite you to:

  • Remove all your sock puppet witnesses and to make only 1 real with only the STEEM community's fair play upvote.
  • Create one full node in area who desserve it (suffer of latency) to show your interest in STEEM blockchain
  • Power down within the next 24 hours all the “ninja-mined stake” and make a public commitment to use this fund for the development of STEEM (Terms of use to be negotiated at the next meeting).
  • Power down within the next 24 hours all the Staked STEEM of Poloniex


From my point of view the “ninja-mined stake” you retrieved when you purchased Steemit has been created arbitrarily with no fair so you can only use it at your conveniance for:

  • support curation/development project by delegate a part of it.
  • complementary payment, in addition to advertising and other revenues, of the expenses of Steemit Inc. within a limit per month to be defined so as not to impact the valuation of STEEM.

If you have been scammed by @ned it does not concern us, it's a transaction on a private company Steemit inc. We are only concerned about the moral obligation that Steemit inc. has towards the STEEM blockchain because of the fact of holding the “ninja-mined stake”.

Exchange case and the possibility of a fine

Huobi did his power down so I'll go straight to Binance

I strongly urge Binance to do a real power down and not 16,000 STEEM like yesterday within the next 24 hours.

Screenshot from 20200309 060936.png

After this deadline, if not done, I invite all the STEEM community to launch a huge campaign on social networks #BinanceGate asking for the payment of a fine of 5% of the not asked powerdown distributed equitably to each Binance user who owns STEEM. As a Bittrex user, I would support this 100%.

Not asked powerdown at the current = 31,738,974 SP - 16,197.362 SP = 31,722,776.638 SP * 0.05 = 1,586,138.83 5% fine STEEM if nothing made within the next 24 hours.

Representative of the STEEM community

To @sct @blocktrades, @good-karma, @roelandp, @anyx, @someguy123, @ausbitbank, @yabapmatt, @gtg, @steempress, @themarkymark, @jayplayco, @aggroed, @Netuoso, @theycallmedan, and all others in charge of the negociation

@justineh's post (here) and the comments in gave me food for thought and I think it would be nice to also have a representative of the creators and a representative of the dApps developers who is not a witness.

So I propose that you include @curie to represent the creators (their integrity and support to the creator placing them for me in the first position) and @fabien who developed SteemConnect that everyone on STEEM uses.

I was also thinking of @andrarchy, to whom I would like to apologize for misjudging him over the last few years, to represent former employees of Steemit inc.

Modification of Witness vote

As mentioned by @glory7 in his post Let's change 1SP 30 votes (current) to 1SP 1vote the witness system need to be changed. Like him, I don't believe in the 30-witness voting system. Moreover this crisis is a good example, do you believe in all honesty that having in the top 20 witnesses with less than 100 voters in front of witnesses with more than 10,000 voters is representative of any democracy? I think the system needs to be rethought to include a careful balance between the amount of SP and the number of voters, while at the same time including a limit on the number of votes below the number of main witnesses.

Main Witnesses that I would like to increase to 25 with 5 random witnesses per round in order to have a better distribution of the profits generated by the block production. This of course without increasing the part paid to the witness (don't talk to me about costs, I'm too old for that! You now have the SPS for your additional developments).

To all witnesses using the number four

Using a number that has special significance for millions of people to fight one man is not the right way to do it. Justin is Justin before being a Chinese, STEEM does not belong to one or a few communities but to all those who make it exist, whatever their origin.

That concludes my modest contribution.


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